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Power Rangers Dino Thunder: The Dino Blizzard is a summer movie for the series, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, it is also double-billed with Masked Rider Mobile: A Lost Paradise in theatres and it is also an english adaption to Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger DELUXE: Abare Summer is Freezing Cold


The Dino Thunder Rangers are trying to enjoy a perfect summer when a brand new monster that Mesogog has sent, starts causing trouble by turning summer into a freezing watseland, the Dino Thunder Rangers now must find a way to shut down the monster before it's too late


During Summer Vacation, Conner, Ethan, Keria and Tommy are enjoying a peaceful vacation with Hayley at the beach

When suddenly, without warning, one of Mesogog's new monster creations, Hexa-Miss, comes down to Earth to create chaos among the Summer, involving turning summer into winter and turning Hayley into a statue

In order to stop Hexa-Miss, Tommy tells Conner, Ethan and Keira that they must travel to the South Pole to reawaken the Blizzard Force Megazord, which was frozen a million years ago, to which the Dino Thunder Rangers agree to do so they can bring summer back to Earth

Unknown to them, Trent hears about and follows along with the Dino Thunder Rangers to the South Pole

Now the Power Rangers Dino Thunder are on the biggest mission of their lives to stop Hexa-Miss and bring summer back to Earth



Color Role
Red Dino Ranger Conner McKnight
Blue Dino Ranger Ethan James
Yellow Dino Ranger Kira Ford
Black Dino Ranger Tommy Oliver
White Dino Ranger Trent Fernandez-Mercer


  • Tommy Oliver (Black Dino Ranger)


  • Mesogog
  • Elsa/Principal Randall
  • Zeltrax
  • Tyrannodrones (The putties)
  • Triptoids (Zeltrax's putties)
  • Hexa-Miss

(There are other charecters in the movie)

Double-billed With