Power Rangers Dino Guardians
Number 42
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: New Dino Day
Last episode: The Final Face Off
Intro: Power Rangers Dino Guardians/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
Original airing: Early January 2020
Producer Hasbro
Author: Starlina
KSR-Ryusoulger (All Six)
Its Morphin Time Dino Keys Set! Dino Power Activate HA!
Production Order
Power Rangers Agent Patrol
Power Rangers MagiForce ‎
Power Rangers Dino Guardians the 42nd and Final installment of Power Rangers - The Next Generation. Based on the concept by Bili15Chaser.


A New Dino Power has emerged the Dino Crystals. 5 descendants of the 5 Legendary Rangers join as the newest Power Rangers team and they are soon joined by the Prince of Mosa Islands going after the ruthless treasure poachers.

Name Ranger Designation Dino Guardian
Master Guardian Red > Cayden Mcknight Dino Guardian Red Ranger Tyrannosaurus Rex
Master Guardian Blue > Eric James Dino Guardian Blue Ranger Triceratops
Master Guardian Pink >Kaitlynne Oliver Dino Guardian Pink Ranger Anklyosaurus
Ronnie Mercer Dino Guardian Green Ranger Sabre-Tooth Tiger
Caleb Randall Dino Guardian Black Ranger Stegosaurus
Prince Rainiero V Dino Guardian Gold Ranger Mosasaurus

Arsenal + Gear + Zords


  • Dino Morph Cycle


Dino Guardian UltraZord

Dino Guardian MegaZord

  • Tyranno-Guardian Zord (Red)
  • Tricera-Guardian Zord(Blue)
  • Anklyo-Guardian Zord (Pink)
  • Sabre-tooth-Tiger Guardian Zord (Green)
  • Stego-Guardian Zord (Black)
  • Mosa-Guardian Zord (Gold)

Auxiliary Zords

  • Ptera Guardian Zord


  • Dino Guardian Morpher
  • Dino Guardian Blaster
  • Dino Crystals
  • Dino Keys


  • Queen Dina



  • Tankor
  • Mushe
  • Wizar
  • Rookaval
  • Treva Knight
  • Negasaurs
  • Pawns

Episode Guide Season 1

  1. New Dino Day Pt 1 - Over a Million Years Ago the Dino Crystals were soon formed after the Dinosaurs went extinct due to the Comet hitting the planet Earth. Now in Modern Times the 5 Dino Crystals
  2. New Dino Day Pt 2
  3. Uprising as a Team
  4. Spirits Guide Them
  5. Uprising Dino History
  6. Land Before Time
  7. A Dino Zord Discovery
  8. A Blue Origin
  9. A Pink Origin
  10. Bridging the 5
  11. The Prince Arrives
  12. A Golden Appearance
  13. The Uprising of the Mosa
  14. Sea of Dreams
  15. Catch that Ranger
  16. The Bond of the Land and Sea
  17. Rex's Walk of the Town
  18. The Dino Crystal Origins
  19. Dino Downfall
  20. Dino Downfall

Episodes Season 2

  1. Dino Dynasty
  2. The Legacy of the Dino Crystals
  3. The Super Dino Armor
  4. Uprising War
  5. An Historic Banding of the Team
  6. Enter the Dino Dark Crystal (Beginning of the Dark Dino Crystal Arc)
  7. Dimension of the Dinosaurs
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