The Dino Charge Rangers attend the show by pop star Daisy, a girl from Reese's past. But when a group of Paracent led by two girls raids the area, the Dino Charge Rangers hold off the Dino Girls while Red Dino Charge Ranger gets Daisy to safety. However, as the latter lost her pendant, Reese and Daisy encounter a former Emoneytion Army member named Doom who gained the power to become Dark Dino Charge Ranger who confirms the girl to be the one he is looking for. Even with the Dino Charge Rangers gathered, Dark Dino Charge Ranger overpowers them all before taking Daisy. The Dino Charge Rangers learn from Avian that Doom seeks to revive the first Zord Navy SpinoZord before they are alerted to Navy SpinoZord's reawakening with their Zords unable to help. Though Cyan AnkyloZord and Gray CephalaZord attempt to help, they end up being forcfully merged with Navy SpinoZord to create Spino Discharge Megazord which proceeds to ready the Great Eradication Blast. As the others make their way to him, Patrick McDowell halts Dark Dino Charge Ranger's preparations with Gold PteraZord. When asked why they would, the Dino Charge Rangers start to fight before they transform and proceed to fight Doom's forces. After a motorcycle duel, a wounded Dark Dino Charge Ranger retreats back into Navy SpinoZord as Dino Rumble Megazord is formed and manages to make a dent. However, after he infiltrates Spino Discharge Megazord, Reese is beaten to a bloody pulp by Doom after he discards his Dark Dino Charge Ranger helmet. However, seeing the pendant Reese brought with him, Daisy sings 'Dino Soul' which restores Spino Discharge Megazord's mind as it acts to stop the Eradication Blast. With the W Saurus Battery, Red Dino Charge Ranger uses two Red TyrannoZord Fangs to knock Doom out of Spino Discharge Megazord with the villain falling his death. Saved by Dino Rumble Megazord, the others convince him not to give up as they join Daisy's singing to purify Spino Discharge Megazord as they destroy the Eradication Blast. Entrusted with the Navy SpinoZord Saurus Battery, Daisy returns singing while the Dino Charge Rangers get a backstage while Navy Spinozord returns to its resting place.


Dino Charge Rangers

Red Dino Charge Ranger Reese
Black Dino Charge Ranger Dan
Blue Dino Charge Ranger Baron
Green Dino Charge Ranger Parry
Pink Dino Charge Ranger Sadie
Gold Dino Charge Ranger Patrick McDowell



Dark Dino Charge Ranger Doom
  • Dino Girls
    • Chesty
    • Leggy

Emoneytion Army

Saurus Batteries

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