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This article is about a/an fanfictional Super Sentai adaptation in the Power Rangers series.

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Power Rangers Crystalizers
Number 04
Number of episodes: 44
First episode: Crystal Charged!
Last episode: Shine On, Crystalizers!
Intro: Power Rangers Crystalizers/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Original airing: N/A
Author: Gokai-Volt
MSK-Kiramager Poster.jpg
Production Order
Power Rangers Jura Knights
Power Rangers Zord Warriors

Power Rangers Crystalizers is the fourth Power Rangers series by Gokai-Volt. It is based on the 44th Super Sentai series, Mashin Sentai Kiramager and replaces Power Rangers Jura Knights. The show's theme is vehicles and gemstones.

It is then followed by Power Rangers Zord Warriors.


Throughout time, a legend is told of five mystical warriors, with a “shining spirit”, who protected the radiances and hopes of people from the darkness.

After the kingdom of Lumina is invaded by the Spiritraiders, the Princess comes to Earth in search of five warriors, each burning bright with the “shining spirit” known as “Shinetality”, after hearing the legend of the five mystical warriors from her father.

Five young warriors are chosen by the Spirit Crystals, who have the ability to turn into sentient vehicle companions known as Crystalzords. Side by side, the warriors and the vehicles use their powers to defend the Earth, protecting the hopes and radiances of people from the army of darkness as the Crystal Rangers.



The Crystal Rangers

Main article: Crystal Rangers
Designation Name
Crystal Red Castor Yeager
Crystal Yellow Frasier Crane
Crystal Green Tora Withers
Crystal Blue Isaac Pierce
Crystal Pink Emma Schüttman
Crystal Silver Dai Zilberstein


Main article: Crystalzords
Mashin Name
Crystalzord Pyro Pyro
Crystalzord Shovel Shovel
Crystalzord Turbo Turbo
Crystalzord Skyer Skyer
Crystalzord Copter Copter
Crystalzord Rolly Rolly
Crystalzord Lifter Lifter
Crystalzord Carrier Carrier
Crystalzord Duster Duster
Crystalzord Mixer Mixer
Crystalzord Dashark Dashark
Crystalzord Embark Embark
Crystalzord Auraddin Auraddin


Crystal Gold (daydream) Jett Garnet


to be added

Power Rangers



Main article: Arsenal (Crystalizers)

Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Other Devices


Main article: Zords (Crystalizers)

The Crystalzords & Crystal Rangers

Crystalzord System

Legend: main Zord, auxiliary Zord


Crystalzord Weapons

Additional Formations


Main article: Episodes (Crystalizers)

The episodes in this season are referred to as CARAT.

  1. Crystal Charged!
  2. A Leader's Worth
  3. Help? No Thank You
  4. The Fallen Kingdom
  5. I'm not Listening
  6. Who are You?
  7. Exceeding the Limits
  8. The Grand Express
  9. Spelling Bee Rivals
  10. The Concert of Nightmares
  11. Groundhog Day
  12. Silver Wonder
  13. Underground Treasure Hunting
  14. Lone Star Jewel
  15. Phantomask's Roulette
  16. Cloudy with a Chance of... Marshmallows!?
  17. Rare Treasure
  18. Betrayal
  19. Spirit Switch
  20. Working Together!?
  21. Gone Fishing
  22. Be Prepared!
  23. The Queen of Lumina
  24. Strike Up the Band!
  25. Secrets of the Shrine
  26. Rising from the Ashes
  27. Sprint to the Finish
  28. Embark on a Mission
  29. The Grand Illusion
  30. A Warrior's Potential
  31. A Small Problem
  32. The Greatest Strategy
  33. Beast Wars
  34. Tag Team
  35. Rapper's Delight
  36. 100% Green
  37. Dark Side of the Duel
  38. The Marksman
  39. Artache
  40. It's Meowphin Time!
  41. Rising Darkness
  42. Into the Unknown
  43. Turning the Tide
  44. Shine On, Crystalizers!


  1. Power Rangers Crystalizers: Crystals Awakening
  2. TBA




  • The name, Crystalizers was inspired by NicholsonD's latest Power Rangers fan opening.

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