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Beast Morphers (Season 2)

Power Rangers Crystal Force is the 30th/31st season of Power Rangers and is a fanon series. Crystal Force (along with Power Rangers Dino Fury that will air on Nickelodeon) will replace Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It will air on Disney Channel in 2021 and will air weekdays at 3pm Monday-Friday. rather than Saturdays at 8am on Nickelodeon. A script will be written by Damon Diogostine and actors were cast by Diogostine on the Internet.


Shortly after Kiramager was announced, series' co-creator Damon Diogostine decided to create a Power Rangers counterpart Saban could used for 2021. As a result, this would be the second Hasbro era series after Beast Morphers and the first time a Green Ranger and a Pink Ranger would be featured in a Hasbro era Power Rangers season.


Long ago, King Carl VIII told her daughter Crystal a story about a princess collecting gemstones and giving them away to people since by the time the princess became an adult, she gave them away. After hearing her father's story, Crystal became Princess and traveled around the world finding gemstones to give to a new team of Power Rangers; the Crystal Force Power Rangers, which consists of five heroes; Dean Leonard (Yellow Ranger), Melissa Cruz (Green Ranger), Bailey Watson (Blue Ranger), Penny Hughes (Pink Ranger), and Claude Diaz, who was originally meant to be the Red Ranger, accidentally fell off a building 50 stories high several days before the Crystal Force team had their first battle. He landed on his back and was rushed to the hospital, where he later died because of the fall, so he passed the Red Ranger powers to his younger brother, Chester, who not only lost his brother, but also his two aunts, and 2 of his cousins; Cora died from cancer, forcing Jordan Pratt (Silver Ranger and Chester's cousin) to live with his dad and his sister. Candi died in a car crash while taking her kids (who have also died) to school.



Main article:Crystal Force Rangers
Designation Name Actor
Crystal Force Red Ranger Chester Diaz Zachary Gordon
Crystal Force Yellow Ranger Dean Leonard Robert Capron
Crystal Force Green Ranger Melissa Cruz Laine MacNeil
Crystal Force Blue Ranger Bailey Watson Karan Brar
Crystal Force Pink Ranger Penny Hughes Peyton List
Crystal Force Silver Ranger Jordan Pratt Alex Ferris


  • Richie Bergman
  • Claude Diaz
  • Professor Lanza
  • King Carl VIII (aka Carl Pratt)
  • Princess Crystal (aka Crystal Pratt)


  • Conner the Evil King (aka Conner Pratt)
  • Bert the Bad Butler
  • Mushers

Supporting Characters

  • Carla Diaz-Lanza (formerly Carla Pratt)
  • Doctor Dan Diaz
  • Cora Pratt
  • Candi Pratt


  • Crystal Changer
  • Crystal Cannon
  • Crystal Saber
  • Crystal Blaster


  • Crystal Fire Truck
  • Crystal Crane
  • Crystal Racer
  • Crystal Jet
  • Crystal Copter


  • The Crystal Quest Continues
  • Silver Surprise
  • Battle of the Bands



  • TBA - Directors
  • Damon Diogostine, TBA - Writers
  • TBA - Producers
  • TBA - Edtors
  • TBA - Music composers

Stage Shows

  • to be added

Video Release

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Video Games

  • to be added


  • This is the first series since Dino Supercharge to feature a Green Ranger as well as the first regular series to feature a female Green Ranger on the good side, excluding Lina Song, since she became S.P.D. Green after her respective series ended, as well as Emma Goodall, whose ranger color is Pink but transformed into a Green Ranger during a Legendary Ranger Mode in Super Megaforce.
    • Rita Repulsa from the 2017 Power Rangers film & Camille from Jungle Fury were also female green rangers, but were not a part of the core team.
      • Rita however was good as a ranger, but turned into a villain and was also a 6th ranger. Camille on the other hand was an extra ranger. Jungle Fury also had a male Green Ranger who was also an extra ranger.
  • This is the first time 2 different Power Rangers seasons air in the same year.
  • This marks the first time a Green Ranger and a Pink Ranger are shown in the Hasbro era, aside from the Legendary Dino Rangers; who teamed up with the previous Ranger team, the Beast Morphers Rangers, on Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the previous season.
  • This marks the first time a Power Rangers team debuts in a film rather than a television series; the first team being the Turbo Rangers, who debuted inTurbo: A Power Rangers Movie. They do share some similarities with the Turbo Rangers, though.
    • Both had a teammate who got injured before becoming a Ranger (Rocky DeSantos & Claude Diaz) although the difference between the two is Claude never got to become a ranger at all but Rocky was previously the second Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin and Zeo Ranger III Blue in Zeo prior to Turbo. The two also injured their backs. (although Rocky survived and Claude didn't)
    • Both have a vehicle motif, but has gemstones in it as well.
    • Both have a 5-man team with a Red-Blue-Yellow-Green-Pink color combination. The difference is that in Crystal Force, the Green is female and the Yellow is male whereas in Turbo, the Green is male and the Yellow is female.
    • This is the first American ranger team where the 3 primary colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) are male since the Aquitar Rangers and the Ninja Steel Rangers.


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