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Power Rangers Cosmos
Power Rangers Cosmos
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Cosmos/Theme Song
Adapted from: Iseshiman, Tianshen Jingang
Original airing: ?
Author: Greencosmos
Production Order
Power Rangers Eco Force

Power Rangers Cosmos is a fanfiction series loosely based on Iseshiman and the Chinese sentai series Tianshen Jingang.


When Darkness strikes, only the Light can dispel it. An ancient alien threat known as the Nebuloids comes to invade Earth, so a brilliant sorceress named Pulsaris recruits four teenagers with pure hearts to defend the planet. Giving them powers drawn from powerful Cosmos Guardian Animals, the four kids become the Power Rangers Cosmos. Later, four new teens stumble on four lost Celestial Guardian Beasts, and are given the power to join the Cosmos Rangers as new Rangers.


Animal Name Ranger
Phoenix Preston Red Ranger
Turtle Sheldon Green Ranger
Tiger Tyson White Ranger
Unicorn Ursula Yellow Ranger
Lion Elle Orange Ranger
Bison Shawn Blue Ranger
Gazelle Eve Pink Ranger
Bear Brian Black Ranger
Dragon Lux Gold Ranger



Legend:◆ pilot zord, ✶ team-piloted zord

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