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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is a fanfiction season of Power Rangers that adopts Mirai Sentai Timeranger. The series is space/nature themed rather than time travel themed like its source material.


The planet of Mirinoi, once a thriving colony, has been taken over by the Apex Power Corporation, which maintains an ironclad grip on the world whilst siphoning the lifeforce of the planet for energy. With the planet under their thrall, five heroes empowered by cosmic energy fight Apex to free their planet. But when their leader falls in battle, a loner from Earth takes his place and joins the Cosmic Rangers in their fight to save Mirinoi.


Cosmic Rangers

The Cosmic Rangers

Cosmic Red Ranger Nix ►◄ Ren Mercer A 22 year old martial artist who was "drafted" into the team after ending up on Mirinoi, Ren refuses to accept fate and his heritage as future CEO of his father‘s company, believing that people can control their own destiny if they fight for it.
Cosmic Pink Ranger Zara Harper A 21 year old S.P.D. Officer from Terra City, she has a grudge against Apex for sending an assassin to kill her family; her investigator father and her mother, and her 5-year-old sister Mei 10 years ago.
Cosmic Blue Ranger Cassius Rhodes Formerly a racer, this calm-headed 22 year old has a knack for high speed battles. He also has Osiris Syndrome, a terminal illness that will kill him after a year. Due to his illness, he decides that he wants to die for a good cause.
Cosmic Yellow Ranger Gorri A 22 year old alien who was formerly an underground fighter. Gorri was banned from professional fighting for never being on time for a match because she would chase after girls. Despite this Gorri has a great respect for the rules and after learning that Koh is an orphan sticks up for him and refuses for anyone to harass him.
Cosmic Green Ranger Koh A 17 year old alien of unknown origin, who was raised in an Apex laboratory before breaking out. He is nimble and is curious about everything around him, though they can be naive at times.
Cosmic Silver Ranger Vertex Vertex is an android from the 30th century, who was sent to the present to help aid the Cosmic Rangers in their fight against Apex, who’s actions threatened the future. Vertex accidentally arrived too early in time, and went into hibernation for 500 years to wait for the right time.
Cosmic Fire Ranger Nix
The original Cosmic Red, Nix was believed to have been killed by Apex, only to reveal that he survived. Regaining access to the Cosmic Energy, he became the Cosmic Fire Ranger.


  • Cosmic Blaster: Standard sidearm of the Cosmic Rangers.
  • Vortex Weapons/Vortex Blaster: Five cannons used by the Rangers; can combine into the Vortex Blaster which delivers powerful energy blasts capable of "freezing" or knocking out a criminal.
  • Cosmic Morpher: Morpher of the the Cosmic Rangers.
  • Cosmic Sabers: Standard weapons (two to each Ranger) that can combine into double-bladed lances; capable of shooting energy blasts and delivering "Time Strike" attacks
  • Fire Morpher: Morpher of the Cosmic Fire Ranger, used to control the C-Rex Zord; vocal command accepted only from the Cosmic Fire Ranger.
  • Cosmic Defender: A sidearm used by the Cosmic Fire Ranger; also has a sword mode.
  • Cosmic Battlizer: Battlizer Armor for the Red Cosmic Ranger; gives him torso armor, armored helmet & boots, and a two-handed battle sword.
  • Cosmic Fire Battlizer: Battlizer Armor for the Cosmic Fire Ranger; gives him torso shielding, visor, and detachable wings that serve as blasters and blades; also grants him the ability to fly and a large energy blade that is capable of "freezing" giant criminals.
  • Vector Cycles: Motorcycles used by the Rangers for ground pursuit.


Cosmic Zord System

  • Cosmic Fury Ultrazord: Mode Blue/Cosmic Fury Ultrazord: Mode Red
    • Cosmic Fury Megazord: Mode Blue/Cosmic Fury Megazord: Mode Red/Cosmic Fury Megazord: Jet Mode
      • Red Cosmic Zord
      • Blue Cosmic Zord
      • Green Cosmic Zord
      • Yellow Cosmic Zord
      • Pink Cosmic Zord
    • Silver Centurion Zord/Silver Centurion Megazord
  • C-Rex Zord/Cosmic Fire Megazord