Power Rangers Chivalry Force
Number N/A
Number of episodes: 38
First episode: The Trio That Fell to Earth
Last episode: The Strongest Battle (2)
Intro: We'll Show You Our Chivalry
Adapted from: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
Original airing:
Author: Lindsay Tobias "Yale"
PR Ryusoulger 20xx
A Team formed From 2 Worlds
Production Order
Power Rangers Hexagon
Power Rangers Shining Spirits (Thrills United)

Power Rangers Coaster Force

Power Rangers Chivalry Force is Lemurseighteen's adaption of Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. It takes many queues from his Coaster Force series being a collegiate team (a team of college students), but also takes queues from Knight Squad with the structure of the knight team.


"65 million years ago, a decisive battle between an elite force of knights and their fearsome masters of darkness called the Nether Star Clan, the Civil War also split the clan in 2. Over the years however, expelled knights have found themselves living among us. Average citizens, but not your average knights." -Narrator

When three Knight School students, Samuel, Gwenyth, and Rodrigo, return after loosing their teammate Kim, they are expelled from knight school and fall into a mid-Atlantic college campus. Soon, things are not what they seem as students are being contracted into monsters called Phears.


Chivalry Force Rangers

KSR-7 Ryusoulgers

The 7 Rangers

Designation Name
[Max] Manticore Red Samuel Cannon
Manticore Blue Rodrigo Santiago
Manticore Pink Gwenyth DiBendetto
Manticore Gold Kim Lo

Manticore Green

Aelin Flynn

Manticore Black

Tucker Wilson
Barryx Barryx -> Sage -> Mario Fayne
Chivalrous Knight Mario Fayne


Kishiryu Project

World of Knight Squad

Koaster Kids/Thrills United

Edelman University


Minor Allies

Nether Star Clan


"The Board"

Moonsualt's Supporters

  • Galyn (1-5, 15-16, 38)
  • Kirnu/Biff Steele (1, 6-31, 38)
  • Varyn (27 [Dream], 38, SS8)
  • Batlyse (1, 10-13, 23-24, 27, 29-30, 38)

Maliga's Supporters



  • Human-Originated Phears
    • Unicorn Phear (1-2)
    • Basalisk Phear (3)
    • Medusa Phear (3)
    • Krake Phear (4, 27)
    • Rougaru Phear (4-5, 27)
    • Coral Phear (6-7) [assumed]
    • Valravn Phear (8)
    • Kelpie Phear (11)
    • Goat Phear (12)
    • Meteor Phear (14)
    • Birthday Phear (17)
    • Reaper Phear (18)
    • Clown Phear (19)
    • Crab Phear (22-23)
    • Tree Phear (25)
    • Hydra Phear (29)
    • Elephant Phear (31)
    • Hedgehog Phear (35)
  • Object-Originated Phears
    • Temple Phear (9)
    • Castaway Phear (10)
    • Pumpkin Phear (24)
  • Dragon Blood-Originated Phears
    • Necromancer Phear (15-16) [Galyn]
    • Primordial Phear (21) [Fizzwick, learned in 32]
    • Megladon Phear (34) [Kylo]
  • Dream Only
    • Troll Phear (27)
    • Spider Phear (27)


Main Article: Arsenal (Chivalry Force)

 Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Side Arms

Individual Weapons


Auxiliary Zords

Alternate Combinations

  • Three Knights Blue
  • Three Knights Pink
  • Three Knights Gargano Artillery
  • Three Knights Stego Artillery
  • Rex FireZord
  • Demon Majesty
  • Raptor Megazord
  • Mosa-Raptor Megazord
    • Mosa ShadowZord
  • Packy Megazord
  • Dino-Wing Megazord
    • Mounted form
  • Rex Majesty
  • Chivalry Force Megazord Mode Black


  1. The Trio That Fell to Earth
  2. A Mosquito in Amber
  3. The Real Knights of New Jersey
  4. The Five Knights
  5. Galyn's Counterattack
  6. The Dinosaur of Flames
  7. Catching Fire (in the Pine Barrens)
  8. Flight of the Valravn
  9. The Rampaging Temple
  10. Down by the Sea
  11. The 4th Knight Survived
  12. The Guardian of the Deep
  13. Spirit of a Sea Monster
  14. Unstoppable Meteor
  15. Raptor of Shadows
  16. Raptor of Dawn
  17. The Party Crasher
  18. Shoelien Breaks the Internet
  19. A Test of Brotherhood
  20. Knights of Two Worlds, Part 1
  21. Knights of Two Worlds, Part 2
  22. The Relentless Knight
  23. Dangerous Games
  24. Out of the Darkness
  25. The Ballad of Biff Steele
  26. The Princess of Mars
  27. Only In Your Dreams, part 1
  28. Only in Your Dreams, part 2
  29. Street Racer
  30. A Sword for Astoria
  31. Fairytale of New York
  32. The Greatest Journey
  33. The Strongest Guardians
  34. Jester of the Deep
  35. Mario to the Rescue
  36. Attack on Jackson
  37. The Strongest Battle, part 1
  38. The Strongest Battle, part 2


  • This is the first season since Wild Force to gender swap a ranger
    • And the first time it is not a Yellow Ranger, but green
      • This becomes a recurring joke of the season
  • Two monsters from Ryusoulger were adapted into Shining Spirits
  • Unlike Cal Reef in Coaster Force and Nitro, Edelman is a complete parody of Rowan University instead of trying to build the "Perfect American Idea of a University"
  • The two part finale is named after the preceding event of Ryusoulger, The Super Sentai Strongest Battle
    • Other than a few shouts for Barryx, all footage is either from Ryusoulger, its summer movie, or original
  • This is the first season since Mystic Force to have an Ultrazord

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