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Power Rangers Blitz Charge
Number 11
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Beginning of the Blitz
Last episode: Battle to the End
Intro: Power Rangers Blitz Charge/Theme Song
Adapted from: Dengeki Sentai Changeman
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Author: Starlina
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Production Order
Power Rangers AirForce (Starlina's Version)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - The Next Generation
Power Rangers Blitz Charge is the 11th installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation saga.


From the powers of the Legendary Dragon. 5 teens are chosen by Gosei to succeed the Mega Rangers to protect the world from evil doers of the galaxy that has conquered almost every planet becoming the Power Rangers Blitz Charge

Blitz Charge Rangers

Blitz Charge Red Ranger - Marcus Gaines

Blitz Charge Black Ranger - Freddy Palmer

Blitz Charge Blue Ranger - Cory Stanford

Blitz Charge Pink Ranger - Sakura Koyabashu

Blitz Charge White Ranger – Mina Oliver


  • Blitz Morpher
  • Blitz Blaster/Sword

Blitz Power Cannon

  • Dragon Cannon
  • Griffin Cannon
  • Pegasus Cannon
  • Mermaid Cannon
  • Phoenix Cannon

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