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The Cast Team

Power Rangers Back 2 Action is the new fan-made sequel to the 2017 movie reboot released by Lionsgate and Saban Films (currently Hasbro and Paramount). This sequel brings new characters, receiving more action and comedy. 


After facing Rita Repulsa and Goldar (gold giant form), our heroes live the normal and peaceful lives in the city, until a villain emerges from an abyss where he was dug by some workers where he would build a swimming pool, here comes Lord Zedd. As Rita flew over space, landed on a golden moon and didn't believe she was alive, there are living creatures where Rita will retaliate by adopting them from Flinster and Baboo, while Zordon receives signals on Earth and Space where the Rangers will face, after Rangers knows Jason's best friend, Tommy, where he will be captured by Rita after returning to Earth, while facing the minions of Zedd.



Color Designation Role Actor
Red Ranger Jason Scott Dacre Montgomery
Black Ranger Zack Taylor Ludi Lin
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston RJ Cyler
Yellow Ranger Trini K Becky G
Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart Naomi Scott
Green Ranger Tommy Oliver Mena Massoud


  • Zordon (Brian Cranston)
  • Alpha 5 (Bill Harder)


  • Lord Zedd
  • Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks)
  • Baboo
  • Flinster
  • Goldar New Form


Scene 1

Rita was thrown into space (and the green suit has been erased) until discovered by a mysterious red space creature named Zedd, and it's awake.

  • Zedd: RITA!... RITA!... (speaking slowly)
  • Rita Repulsa: ... Hum?! Who are you?
  • Zedd: Good question, I am Lord Zedd, and what do you want?
  • Rita Repulsa: Those who tried to kill me, I was one of them in the past...
  • Zedd: What's wrong with that?
  • Rita Repulsa: Zordon, himself!
  • Zedd: Damn, is he free?!
  • Rita Repulsa: himself!... He is with a new generation of Power Rangers!
  • Zedd: Your wish will be fulfilled! Where are they?...

Rita starts to laugh...

Power Rangers Back 2 Action Movie Screen Logo.png

Scene 2



  • This is the first time that the costumes have changed visually since Hasbro took over the production of the entire franchise. For most of the Lionsgate production (when associated with Saban Brands/Films) costumes had been auctioned.

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