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Power Rangers Auto Ace
Number 29
Number of episodes: 25
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Intro: Power Rangers Auto Ace/Theme Song
Adapted from: Yajūki Sentai Racenger
Original airing: Early 2017
Author: Starlina
Auto Ace Power Rangers
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Power Rangers Auto Ace is the twenty-ninth installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation Universe. combining elements of Power Rangers RPM, Turboranger and Power Rangers Turbo.


"An evil leader who plans to rule the world with his cheating ways a new Power Rangers are formed in to battle this mad man becoming Power Rangers Auto Ace!"

Auto Ace Rangers

Auto Ace Power Rangers
Nelson Reed Red Auto Ace Ranger
Tate Stedman Yellow Auto Ace Ranger
Neela John Blue Auto Ace Ranger
Janet Moore Pink Auto Ace Ranger
Pauly Goodman Black Auto Ace Ranger

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