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Power Rangers Ancient Legends is the 31st season of Power Rangers, serving as an adaptation of the 46th Super Sentai series, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers. The series is Hasbro's fourth production under their film division Allspark Pictures & Entertainment One following their acquisition of the franchise in 2018. The series themes are based on Virtual reality and Japanese folklore (specifically the legend of Momotarō). Because of this, many of the show's graphics are styled to resemble traditional Japanese brush strokes, and the series makes more extensive uses of CGI than past productions.

The show began airing on February 24, 2024 alongside the "kid-friendly" version of Hasbro's Demon Warriors as part of Netflix's Super-Charged Afternoons programming block after Power Rangers Robo Force finished it's run the previous week. After Demon Warriors had concluded on TBA 2024, Ancient Legends was joined in the lineup the following week by Hasbro's TBA Warriors. The week after Ancient Legends' finale, the series would be replaced in the lineup by Power Rangers TBA.


On September 8, 2023, Hasbro told fans during a Fan First Friday event that the next Power Rangers adaptation was already in the works and would be based off the 2022 Japanese-based Super Sentai season, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers although the official title wasn't given at the time as it was shown off as "Power Rangers Season 31".

It was then revealed a few months later in January 2024 during the Robo Force panel at that years Power Morphicon event that the adaptation would be called "Power Rangers Ancient Legends" with the cast announcement being done at the same time before a teaser trailer was shown off to attendees.


"Since our return to Earth after defeating Emperor Zenkai, a whole lot has happened. The most exciting thing is that Robo City has finally been liberated and they can go back to their own dimension which means we can live in peace. But not for long as a new army has risen and plans to finish off what the Robonoid Empire had begun! Luckily for me and Danny, we decided to recruit a new team of Rangers to deal with them and end the conflict once and for all."
—Opening narration by Luke Davis (Episode 2-Present)

After the Robo Force Rangers managed to defeat Emperor Zenkai for good, both worlds went back to normal and peace was restored... But not for long as remnants of the old Robonoid Empire have managed to survive the palace's destruction and are now set out to resume what their masters have started! In order to combat this new threat, Luke and Danny recruit a new team of Rangers with the burning spirits of ancient Japanese warlords to save the Earth all whilst they party like it's no tomorrow!



Legend Rangers

Main article: Legend Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Red Legend Ranger Jacob Gallagher Lucas Hedges
Blue Legend Ranger Ethan Ramsey Jharrel Jerome
Yellow Legend Ranger Sophie Bryant Anya Taylor-Joy
Black Legend Ranger Leo Hoffman Timothée Chalamet
Pink Legend Ranger Kevin Miller Chantz Simpson
Gold/Silver Legend Ranger Alex Cheng Simu Liu

Former Legend Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Yellow Legend Ranger Kelsey Griffin Brittany Anne Pirtle
Blue Legend Ranger Shane Pham Rorrie D. Travis

Other Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Shadow Robo Ranger Luke Davis Caleb McLaughlin
Black/Blue Legend Ranger Alex Cheng Simu Liu

Evil Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Sharkator TBA Tessa Rao



Crimson Moon Kingdom

  • TBA
The Kizuki

Beastia Tribe

  • To be added

According to Matthew Gallagher, the Beastia generals are divided into 3 categories called "Ranks" based on the kind of origami that they can fold.

Rank S (Penguin)
  • To be added
Rank A (Crane)
Rank B (Cat)
  • "Detective Dempsey"
  • Unnamed Museum Tour Guide



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Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons


Other Devices


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Additional Formations


Main article: Episodes (Ancient Legends)

  1. A New Legend Has Arrived
  2. The Tiny Legend
  3. Let There Be Light
  4. The Art of Panini Making
  5. Puppy Prison
  6. The Duel of the Century
  7. Back to School
  8. Long Distance Love
  9. Enter the Shogun Zord
  10. Over the Pirates Rainbow
  11. Hot Dog Ninja
  12. The Legends Unite!
  13. A Sad Farewell
  14. The Desire to be a Hero
  15. Dragons Descent
  16. Follow the Leader
  17. Man's Best Friend
  18. A New Enemy Approaches
  19. The Haunted Phone
  20. A Tiger's Explosive Roar
  21. The Noodle Brick Road
  22. Writers Block
  23. Is the Dog Really a Dog?


  1. Power Rangers Ancient Legends: The Movie


  • Like it's Sentai counterpart, this is the first season to have a male Pink Ranger as part of the core team.
  • Despite being a sequel to Power Rangers Robo Force, it is set in an alternate universe due to it's first Super-Charged Afternoons partner, Hasbro's Demon Warriors ALSO being set after Robo Force but that's set in the same universe. Although there are a few changes such as the versions of Luke Davis that appears in both series with the Luke in Ancient Legends being more mature whilst the Luke in Demon Warriors has the same personality as he did in Robo Force.
  • This is the first incarnation of the series not to feature a pre-morph call.

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