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Power Rangers AirForce (Starlina's Version)
Number 10
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: On the Wings
Last episode: SkyFall
Intro: Power Rangers AirForce (Starlina's Version)/Theme Song
Adapted from: Choujin Sentai Jetman
Original airing: March 2026
Author: Starlina
Production Order
Power Rangers: Beast Masters ‎
Power Rangers Blitz Charge
Power Rangers AirForce is the tenth installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation the series is based on the adaptation of Choujin Sentai Jetman.


Students at the AirForce Academy are training pilots for military purposes under command of Captain Ranya Bradshaw and 20 candidates was considered for the 5 positions for a new team who will take on the evil Dark Bird Society led by Empress Gazula in an effort to rule the world and out of the 20 candidates Captain Bradshaw selects 5 pilots to fill the positions. Unaware to them that they were selected by the Captain to be Power Rangers; but never the less these 5 pilots proved that they can do the job and take down the Dark Birds and it’s evil queen once and for all.

AirForce Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Russell Hamilton AirForce Red Ranger
Dominique Anderson AirForce Blue Ranger
Alexio Katsopoulos AirForce Yellow Ranger
Tennille Matthews AirForce White Ranger
Geoffrey McEntire AirForce Black Ranger
Emerald Aeroson AirForce Green Ranger
Katia Czerwinski > Donna Anderson AirForce Purple Ranger


  • Captain Ranya Bradshaw
  • Commander Levitz


  • Dark Bird Society

Dark AirForce Rangers


  • Air Morpher
  • Airforce Battle Gauntlet
  • Wing Saber
  • Aiforce Jet Cruiser + Cannon Mode


  • AirForce Jet Crusider - Red Ranger
  • AirForce Bounce Rider - Yellow and White Rangers
  • AirForce Wing Cycles - Black and Blue Rangers


AirForce MegaZord

  • AirForce Hawk
  • AirForce Condor
  • AirForce Owl
  • AirForce Swallow
  • AirForce Swan

AirForce Garuda MegaZord

  • AirForce Garuda

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