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Power Rangers Agent Patrol
Number 41
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Criminal X
Last episode: Shine Forever, Five Stars
Intro: Power Rangers Agent Patrol/Theme Song
Adapted from: Himitsu Sentai Gorenger
Original airing: 2020
Producer Saban
Author: Starlina
PR Agent Patrol
Production Order
Power Rangers Dino Charge III

Power Rangers Agent Patrol is the 41st and Final installment of Power Rangers - The Next Generation.


Every Agent Patrol building is destroyed in Incredal by Gerabali, a criminal who escaped from Incredal State Prison so Incredal's only hope is 5 teenagers to save the planet. They are Agent Patrol Power Rangers.


Designation Name Episodes
Red Agent Patrol Ranger Christian Webster Episode 1-35
Blue Agent Patrol Ranger Charles Hanson Episode 1-35
Green Agent Patrol Ranger James Hickman Episode 1-35
Yellow Agent Patrol Ranger Antwoinette Plummer Episode 1-35
Pink Agent Patrol Ranger Lara Bagley Episode 1-35


Masked Criminal Society


  • Gerabali
  • Mega Gerabali
  • Ultra Gerabali
  • Askor
  • Bartoner
  • Castor


  • Deartor
  • Eralier
  • Fireaoer
  • Ghorter
  • Hisher
  • Iamber
  • Jarimar
  • Kiiler
  • Larmar
  • Merminaner
  • Norcir
  • Operaer
  • Peraner
  • Quareter
  • Rachamer
  • Sturmber
  • Tirber
  • Unbermoner
  • Veronioner
  • Werewer
  • Xyerloer
  • Yreallityer
  • Zar Zar


  • Jet Boosters
  • Agent Force Blasters
  • Agent Keys (to unlock agent cycles)
  • Agent Cards
  • Red Agent Blaster
  • Blue Agent Bow
  • Green Ranger Forrest Slinger
  • Yellow Ranger Lightning Rods
  • Pink Ranger WindHeart Bow
  • Agent Force Ultra Cannon


  • Red Car Zord
  • Blue Submarine Zord
  • Green Van Zord
  • Yellow Jet Zord
  • Pink Plane Zord
  • Agent Patrol Megazord
  • Ultra Car Zord
  • Ultra Car Megazord
  • Agent Patrol Ultrazord


  1. Criminal X
  2. The Invisible Rangers
  3. The Desertfication
  4. A Yellow ThunderShock
  5. The Microbe Plan
  6. Green Anger
  7. Red Riddle
  8. Pink Moonlight
  9. The Poison Fang
  10. Blue Shadow
  11. The Red Balloon
  12. Green Shudder
  13. Burning Hell
  14. The Pink Secret
  15. The Red Coffin
  16. The Big Blue Forest
  17. The Eye in the Mirror
  18. Horrible Red Crusaders
  19. A Blue Spark
  20. Red to the Death
  21. Blue Miracle
  22. Yellow Lightning Raid
  23. Green Dogfight
  24. Blue Anger
  25. Red Fuse
  26. The Dreadful Expert
  27. Yellow Object X
  28. Big Red Eruption
  29. Red Pursuit
  30. Columms of Fire
  31. Five Stars Of Justice
  32. Hot Blue Wind
  33. The Red Target
  34. The Roaring Megaopolis
  35. Shine Forever, Five Stars

Morphing Call

  • Power Of Fire, Red Agent Force Ranger Ready!
  • Power of Water Blue Agent Force Ready!
  • Power Of Earth Green Agent Force Ranger Ready!
  • Power Of Lightning Yellow Agent Force Ranger Ready!
  • Power Of Wind Pink Agent Force Ranger Ready!
  • Power of the Five Shining Stars! Power Rangers Agent Force!
  • Monster Arrested! Rangers Win! (After Winning Battle)
  • Monster Destroyed! Rangers Win (After Megazord Battle)
  • This Will Burn! (Red Ranger Destroying Monster)
  • Better Get Your Swimsuit on (Blue Ranger Destroying Monster)
  • This Will Get Rocky (Green Ranger Destroying Monster)
  • You're in For a Shock! (Yellow Ranger Destroying Monster)
  • Sky Blitz Kick! (Pink Ranger Destroying Monster)
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