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Power Rangers Adventure Force is the 36th season of Power Rangers. It is based on the 46th sentai Series, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers.

It is based on the legend of Momotarō and Video Games. Because of this, many of the show's graphics are styled to resemble traditional Japanese watercolor brush paintings and the series makes more extensive uses of CGI than past productions.

This series air alongside Masked Rider Stamp-Saurs later Masked Rider Ares, Masked Rider (Reboot) and Glitter Force Heartcatchers in Hyper Hero Action.


Adventure Force Rangers
Adventure Force Red Sora Meishu
Adventure Force Yellow Aella Davis
Adventure Force Blue Gale Howler
Adventure Force Black Gigi Shepard
Adventure Force PInk Jay Pheasant



Evil Rangers

Ranger Designations Name
Adventure Force Violet Adventure Force Violet

The Lost Empire

  • Lord Quest
  • Lord Journey
  • Dutchess Compass
Zoids -> Megazoids
  • Zoid (1)
  • Dino Furious (1)
  • Beauty Rail (2)
  • Trouble-Maker (3)
  • Chef Zeo (4)
  • Detective Trouble (5)
  • Nursing Cube (6)
  • Mr. Sonic (7)
  • Go Shadow (8)
  • Beast Light (9)
  • MegaBeard (10)
  • SteelBot (11)
  • Song-Verse (12)
  • Festival Charge (13)
  • Turbo Engage (14-15)
  • Mighty Gamer (16)
  • Solar Flight (17)
  • Racing Poltergeist Machine (19)
  • Thunder Brawler (20)
  • Jungle Samurai (21)
  • Space Surfer (22)
  • Jungle Furious (23)

Beast Kingsman

The Beast Kingsman are a race that are a danger to the Avatars and Humans, capable of possesion. They are according to Hoshi, ranked by the origami they fold

Penguin Class
  • N/A
Crane Class
Cat Class
  • Cattus Summers
  • Unnamed Tour Guide


  • "AI"


Transformation Devices

  • Adventure Morpher
  • Beast Morphing Slinger

Multi-Use Devices

  • Adventure Medals

Individual Weapons

  • Adventuring Saber (red)
  • Thunder Rod (Yellow)
  • Shadow Shuriken (black)
  • Rip-Morph Shield


  • The Adventurer
  • Ninja Steel Mini Zord

Other Devices

  • Ranger GPS Units
  • Medal Belt



  • Adventure King Megazord
    • Adventure Prince Zord (Red)
    • Adventure Battle Zord (Yellow)
    • Adventure Jungle Zord (Blue)
    • Adventure Fang Zord (Black)
    • Adventure Wing Zord (Pink)


Adventure Mini Zords

  • Adventure Peach Mini Zord
    • Adventure Peach Megazord Project Rail Formation
    • Adventure Peach Megazord Cube Jungle Formation
    • Adventure Peach Megazord Dino Fury Formation
  • Adventure Dragon Mini Zord
  • Adventure Shark Mini Zord


  1. Let the Games Begin!
  2. It's a Dog Eat, Peach World!
  3. Phantom of the Jungle!
  4. Job Hunting Heroes!
  5. All Bark, No Bite!

Movies and Specials

  • Power Rangers Adventure Force: Let's Make A Movie!


  • This is the first season to have a male pink ranger. This also the first season since Dino Charge to have a 4:1 male to female ratio
  • During the MOTW spawning, the person transforming has a corrupted version of the morph of the rangers.

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