Zone wars
Zone Wars
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Number of episodes: 2
First episode: Drop Zone
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers: Zone Wars/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: July 23, 2012
Author: WolfsbaneX
Production Order
Power Rangers: Zone Wars is a fanfiction by WolfsbaneX, based on a challenge he created in the Original Ranger Teams Forum called Power Rangers: Custom.</p>


While searching for a lost item, a cowboy from 1864 is transported to 3091 and discovers a horrible future. Luckily, he's in a position to change it. With the help of an underground network, and a few teenagers from 2011, can he pull it off?



Designation Name
Rouge Benji Toledo
Bleu Zachary Fields
Jaune Chayse Willows
Noir Isaiah James
Rose Kara Meszaros


  • John McArthur, a cowboy transported from the year 1864
  • General Tony Owens, commander of Zone 1
  • General Josephine Jaime "JJ" Ferra, commander of Zone 2
  • Sergeant Dan Yung, soldier from Zone 3
  • General Isen, commander of Zone 3


  • The Voltage


  • Scan Morphers
  • Decks


Zone Wars Episode List
# Episode Title Upload Date Summary
1. Drop Zone 23 July 2012

Cowboy John MacArthur finds himself in a nigh-apocalyptic future, and is given the task of assembling a team to prevent it.

2. Going Under 19 January 2013 John begins his journey, collecting decks and learning more about the future.


  • Specifically, WolfsbaneX's version of the challenge was: W – Aliens, O – War, L - Western, F – Covert Operations, S – Stats, B – Numbers, A – "Voltage," N – Time travel, E – Cards of some sort, and X – Animal spirits.
  • All of the male rangers were created as recruits for other fanfiction, but were rejected.
  • Each of the Zone's citizen names have to do with the numbers somehow. While Zone 1 and Zone 3 are obvious, Zone 2's nickname comes from the visual aspect of the Roman numeral for two (II) being two parallel lines, Zone 4's comes from the superstition in Asiatic countries that four is the number of death, and Zone 5's comes from the fact that it's the fifth Fibonacci number.    
  • The colours in the series are named in French.

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