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Power Rangers: Wizard
Number 1
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: The Magica Lands
Last episode: The Very End
Intro: Power Rangers: Wizard/Theme Song
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Author: Dragonzeron
Production Order
Power Rangers: Go Rescue

Power Rangers: Wizard is a first season of Future X Series by Netzord in 2012. The motif is magic.


The Earth was peaceful world until the shadow clouds shrouding into the darkness. The mysterious invasion comes in to conquer Earth and mysterious shadow named Lord Viledark. However, five of them powers were lost after Lord Viledark invasion and the Earth was suddenly twisted to Magica World however.

In the present day, the Earth was peaceful again, but the evil shadows once again invade their world. Now Viledark begins to invade and destroy Earth. However, the magical queen named Averess giving the five teenages the five remained powers into Power Rangers: Wizard to save two worlds.


Wizard Rangers

Main article: Wizard Rangers
Fire Mike Condell
Lightning Sheyla Booth
Sea Jerry Tein
Earth DJ Rocky
Wind Sarah Jenkins
Ice Merle Chambers

Other Wizard Rangers

Main article: Lost Wizard Rangers
Light Alan
Mist Zenda
Space Ryo James




Morphing Devices

  • Magica Morpher - The Morpher of the wizards it assembles a wand.
  • Disguiser Gripper - The phone-like stapler for the wizard to enchances the Super Mage Mode.
  • Magica Coins - A battery used soul of the creatures and powering up the Wizard Mode.


Magica Attacks

Using Magica Coins on Wizard Staff, it can transformed into mystic attacks called Magica Attacks.


Main article: Zords (Wizard)


  1. The Magica Lands
  2. A Mystic Wizards Becomes One
  3. The Wizards Rise
  4. The Titanic Combat
  5. Chapter Bravest
  6. The Light Auxiliary
  7. A Right Show
  8. Monster Cross Human
  9. Sword Duel (Part One)
  10. Dueling Clash (Part Two)
  11. The Wizard of Purple Mist
  12. The Legendary White Swan (A mystical swan appeared at Mike who trial away to have his fearness)
  13. A Lost Trial (Part One)
  14. Chance to Beat The Ghost (A mystical swan reappeared who actually a Zord, Part Two)
  15. Debut the Machspeed
  16. Secret of Mike
  17. Within the Power
  18. The Knight of the Slashing Man
  19. The Strongest Opponent
  20. The Ice Ranger
  21. Strategy for One
  22. The Lobster is on the Go (Part One)
  23. The Newest Partner Event (Part Two)
  24. On The Origin
  25. A Super Mage Form
  26. The Chronicles of Narika
  27. Who's Your Bosses
  28. Ready For Rumbler
  29. Unknown Name of Wizards
  30. Armed For All
  31. Evolution of the Wizards
  32. Entire in Space
  33. Kings of Hills
  34. Stranger, No Problem
  35. The Ultimate Skills
  36. Marroner's Last Enough
  37. Morning Days
  38. The Wizards' Past
  39. The Prince is Fallen
  40. Calling the Evil Wizard Rangers
  41. The Duos Girls
  42. Remake the Wizards
  43. Cracks Things Up
  44. The History (Part One)
  45. End of History (Part Two)
  46. The Fate of the Wizards
  47. The Fight is On
  48. Viledark's New Powers (all three Rangers revived, but Viledark attacks Wizard Castle)
  49. The End (Wizard Zords except with Shark Wizardzord who kept his partner to go with their home and Rangers' powers will be returned to Averess)
  50. Special: The Very End (this episode will be season finale)



  • This is first series that there are nine Rangers so far.

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