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This series has been voted the winner of the Featured Series of the Month award in January 2015.
Power Rangers: The War Of The Wizards: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Arc
Number 1
Number of episodes: 155
First episode: The Return To Earth!
Last episode: The End Of The Power Rangers?
Intro: The Fight For Free Will(Mighty Morphin Version)
Adapted from: War Of The Morphin Brothers: Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger Arc
Original airing: September 14th 2014
Producer OmegaRain Productions
Author: HollowOmega
Production Order
Power Rangers: The War Of The Wizards: Groovy Ranger Arc
Power Rangers: War Of The Wizards: Return Of The Groovy Rangers Arc

Power Rangers: The War Of The Wizards: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Arc is The First arc of The War Of The Wizards series whichi is the first series by The OmegaRain prodcutions. After going over many revamps the series is officially starting in 2014 and its first episode was finished Sept 14 of this year. The First revamped ep is set for this year. Credit to Bill15chaser for the new logo


Two Brothers locked in a multi generational conflict. Once both valued Apprentices Of Zordon until one day something Drastic happened. During the battle with Rita Repulsa Zerak and Zeran's Sister had to sacrifice herself in order to stop one of Rita's biggest spells from destroying the planet. Zerak wished to go and help her but both Zeran and her sister knew there was no other way. Zordon would go to hold her brother Zerak back as she went to sacrifice herself. Stricken with grief, Zerak turned to the dark side and began blaming who he believed as the true Enemy. "Free Will." Zerak belived if there was no free will his sister would have never sacrificed herself. After a long battle with Rita Repulsa and Zerak, Zordon was able to seal Rita away while Zerak was sent into the depths of space never to be heard from again...or so we thought.

A Millennia later, Zerak returned egar to resume his war against Free Will. Zerak and Zeran come from a race of long lived humans and with Zordon's help learned how to travel though time as this war contiued on. Now Darkness has come across this world as thanks to Zerak Rita and her minions have escaped their prison. Zordon, desperate to stop her, had his assistant Alpha Five and his Apprentice Zeran who came looking for a Vacation but was brought back into this mess as they recruited Six Teenagers with Attitude. Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, Luke, and Trini. They would become the earth's next defenders. The Power Rangers.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Color Name Played by
1 Jason Lee Scott ► Rocky De Santos Austin St. John ► Steve Cardenas
2 Billy Cranston David Yost
3 Zack Taylor ► Adam Park Walter Jones ► Johnny Young Bosch
4 Trini Kwan ► Aisha Campbell Thuy Trang ► Karan Ashley
5 Kimberly Ann Hart ► Katherine Hillard Amy Jo Johnson ► Catherine Sutherland
6 Luke Ellis Adam Hicks
7 Lou Chiang ► Julia Chiang Jackie Chan ► Brenda Song
8 Tommy Oliver ► Tom Oliver ► Trini Kwan Jason David Frank ►Thuy Trang
9 Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
10 Brian Eversteen Billy Unger


  • David Fielding as Zordon
  • Richard Steven Horvitz as Alpha 5
  • Johnny Depp as Zeran Smith
  • Mighty Morphin Groovy Rangers
  • Alien Rangers
  • Kim Strauss as Ninjor
  • Ralph Votrian as King Lexian


  • Tim Curry as Zerak
  • Machiko Soga as Rita Repulsa
  • Robert Axelrod as Finster
  • Kerrigan Mahan As Goldar
  • Michael Sorich and Dave Mallow as Squatt and Babbo
  • Ed Neil as Lord Zedd
  • Brad Orchard as Hydro Hog
  • Tom Wyner as Master Vile
  • Danny Wayne as Rito Revolto


  • Paul Schrier as Bulk
  • Jason Navry as Skull
  • Richard Genelle as Ernie
  • Greg Bullock as Lt. Stone
  • Royce Herron as Ms. Appleby
  • Henry Cannon as Mr. Caplan
  • Renee Griggs as Angela
  • Maurice Mendoza as Richie
  • Joel Rogers as Curtis
  • Charity Hill as Veronica
  • Eric Frank as David Trueheart


Season 1

  • Revamp Episodes Coming Soon

Season 2

  • TBA

Season 3

  • TBA
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