Shark Zord's Clash
2, Episode ???
Written by Samueljoo
Episode Guide

Power Rangers: Super Samurai: Shark Zord's Clash is the special episode of Power Rangers: Super Samurai. This Shark Zord and Haruna Niekawa are the main characters and surprised the main antagonist General Arcadia the commander Nighlok.


During the battle with Arcadia, the Shark Zord was seperated and trapped inside the universe. In the dimensional portal, Arcadia tried to grab it, but escaped and into the portal. It accidentally knock into the girl's head and her named was Haruna Niekawa and grab the Shark Zord. Suddenly, Arcadia reappeared and summon the Moogers then attack them. Haruna got scared, but using the Shark Zord to knock them and escaped. She get to her home and see happened. She introduced herself and Shark Zord speeching belong to Samuel the Red Samurai Ranger. With explaination is finished, she feed the Shark Zord and gets nicknamed Sharky much as Shark Zord's confused.

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