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Power Rangers: SCANNERZ and Earth-Five: Battle For Cyberworld
A movie for Power Rangers: SCANNERZ and Power Rangers Earth-Five
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Power Rangers: Go Rescue and Grimm Tales

Power Rangers: SCANNERZ and Earth-Five: Battle For Cyberworld is the second crossover movie of Future X Series Power Rangers: SCANNERZ and Adamant Series Power Rangers Earth-Five. This movie was after episode 24 that Decine's royal heir is coming to invade Earth, but revealed they were once lives on the alternate universe called Earth-Five who behind making the humans evil. With the teaming up the Earth-Five Rangers, they goes to the cyberworld where they meet the cyber version of Wizard Rangers and help to defeat Decine's royal heir and returns Earth-Five humans back to good.


Reveal of the Human Evil

Sometime after event of Earth-Five, the world was supposedly saved

Attack of the Cyberworld

Meet the Cyber Wizard Rangers



Digital Rangers

Dragon Samuel Yuu
Garuda Marth Jackson
Turtle Lila Chan
Giraffe Mick Clouds
Snake Perfrum Beau
Ostrich Ges Parks



Sebaian Rangers

αʹ (Alef) Norotagem/"Norot"
βʹ (Bef) Umirukusatus/"Umi"
γʹ (Gymal) Ubeuazer/"Ubway"
δʹ (Dalef) Akkarukadnas/"Akkar"
εʹ (Hei) Ijakus/"Jak"
ϛʹ (Waw) Uyrihsek Ateonik/"Reesek"


Yunikuron - The mentor of the Earth-Five Rangers. Dedicated his life in serving balance, the corruption of the Human Rangers led to the decision to allow the monster-like Sebaians to be the heroes.

Movie Villains

Royal Heir


Digital Zord

Main Combo Formation

Armed-Part Combo Formation

  • Lion Knight Megazord
  • Shark Buzzsaw Megazord
  • Tiger Drill Megazord
  • Ostrichflight Battlezord

Super Combo Formation

  • Battlearmed Megazord
    • Data Megazord
    • Lion Datazord
    • Sawshark Datazord
    • Tiger Datazord
  • Super Data Megazord
    • Data Megazord
    • Ostrich Battlezord

Sebaian Zords

When Sebaian Zords were deeply fried by the leader Gobbin, making them rendered useless, the Cyber Wizard Rangers give the new and cyber version of their old Zords called Cybernet Zords.

  • Artillerex Megazord
    • Yotatron Megazord
      • Mega Jet Zord
      • Kilo Fighter Zord
      • Tera Chopper Zord
      • Peta Crane Zord
      • Exa Truck Zord
    • Giga Tank Zord Mode/Giga Rex Megazord Mode


Cybernet Zords

After Sebaian Zords were fried by Gobbin, the Cyber Wizard Rangers enhances their old Zords core system into new core system and transplant their old Zords data system into cyber version of their broken Zords. After defeating Gobblin, they turned back into their newly recovered old Zords.

  • Cybertrack Megazord
    • Cybernet Megazord
      • Cyber Jet Zord
      • Cyber Fighter Zord
      • Cyber Chopper Zord
      • Cyber Crane Zord
      • Cyber Truck Zord 
    • Cyber Tank Zord/Cyber Rex Megazord


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