PR Prism
Power Rangers: Prism
Number 07
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: The Power of Prism
Last episode: The Big and Bad of the Outcome
Intro: Power Rangers: Prism/Theme Song
Adapted from: Choushinsei Flashman
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Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
Production Order
Power Rangers Supersonic ‎
Power Rangers Shaolin Roar (Starlina's Version) ‎
Power Rangers Prism is a series based on the adaptation of Choushinsei Flashman the 10th Super Sentai series. Also the 7th entry of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation Universe


An avant-garde Empress Byte plans a serious experiment to test the perfect planet of the galaxy to absorb her polluted desire to destroy the solar system and Earth is the perfect planet for her to begin the feeding. Five teenagers are chosen by the five prisms sent from an island reserved. Soon the teens realized that they have been chosen to become Power Rangers to take on this new threat. One of the Prism Rangers is the daughter of the second Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger who sent her to school in the US while she remains in Africa.

Prism Rangers

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Prism Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Joseph Landers Prism Red Ranger
Bobby Dall Prism Blue Ranger
Aemon Hernandez Prism Green Ranger
Alina Campbell Prism Yellow Ranger
Mina Koyabashu > Mishra Koyabashu Prism Pink Ranger


  • Princess Prisma
  • Queen Polona
  • King Palatakis


Avant Guardigans

  • Empress Byte
  • Catalina
  • Aciders


  • Prism Morpher
    • Prism Blaster/Sword
    • Prism Shield
  • Prism Sword
  • Prism Star Shooters
  • Prism Boxers
  • Prism Batons
  • Prism Boots


  • Prism Cycles


Prism MegaZord

  • Prism Tank Zord - Red
  • Prism Jet Zord - Green and Yellow
  • Prism Seek Jet Zord - Blue and Pink

Episode List

  1. The Power of Prism - The Power Rangers are chosen by 5 prism crystals to take on a new group of villains
  2. An African Tale - Alina recalls her time back home in Africa with her mom who is a former Yellow Ranger.

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