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*******6/15/2022 UPDATE: The new episode; Chpt15 Ep2: "Proposition" has now been published!*****

Here are details about the new chapter:

  • The chapter will consist about 8 episodes.
  • New episodes will be published on a monthly basis every 15th
  • Kurt & Hunter will be on opposing sides due to the events that transpired from the finale of Chpt14
  • For the first time, Hunter Winchester will be one of the main antagonists of the chapter. Along with Michael & another particular individual
  • The chapter will begin directly from Hunter's POV during the battle between Kurt & Michael and will reveal what ultimately lead to his choice during the finale.
  • A new antagonistic organization will be revealed in Chpt15, one who's been "behind the scenes" and connected to the groups that Hunter & Kurt has fought in previous chapters.
  • The Spear of Destiny will be a major factor once more during the chapter.
  • Kurt & Demitra will be on the run from Hunter/Michael & this group throughout the course of the chapter.
  • Miranda Williams will be returning and will now be a recurring character in the series. She will be the only ally that Kurt will have in Chpt15
  • Ranger zords will be making a comeback during the chapter!
  • Towards the Chpt15 finale, it will feature yet another epic fight. Along with a megazord battle, one that takes place within a city!
  • And lastly, a tragedy will happen towards the Chpt15 finale...

About The Series

Power Rangers: Omniverse is a P.R. fanfic series written and created by TheMarkOfKurt. The series will contain elements from the TV series "Supernatural". Unlike other P.R./Sentai seasons, Omniverse will solely focus on two main characters as they journey through being as Rangers. There's no specific theme of Rangers in this series, as the protagonists are considered as "Legacy Rangers", wielding past Ranger powers. Omniverse will have a more mature tone towards the Power Ranger series while it takes place within the same canon Ranger/Sentai universe being as one. Consisting of dark fantasy and drama, it will have a realism take on situations of killing monsters, avoiding any "spectacle way" of defeating them. Most of the episodes are story-driven rather than having much big fight scenes, as they mostly occur during the finales or once in every other episode. For the most part of the series, the storylines will have heavy biblical influence. The lore about God, Heaven, angels, demons, Hell and other supernatural entities. But most importantly, it's about the two main Ranger protagonists; Hunter & Kurt, overcoming all the obstacles that are thrown in their way, no matter the difficulties and hardships they face, that their strong bond of brotherhood and friendship will always prevail against everything in their path.

The series will have a full run of 25 chapters total, with the 25th chapter serving as a conclusion arc that has connected the stories of all the past chapters. At the same time it will open up for a spin-off series that will include the title "Wayward Sisters", revolving two female leads who will have tie relations to one of the Ranger protagonists of the Omniverse series.

Here are the following planned future chapters that I'll be incorporating to the series while some of the latter chapters' titles (22-25) are still a working progress, they may change overtime but they're the definite ideas of stories that I'll be writing out for the series:

  • Chpt16: (Fury of the Enchantress)
  • Chpt17: (The Prophecy of Zelus)
  • Chpt18: (The New World Order/A Power Awakens)
  • Chpt19: (The Return of a Ranger)
  • Chpt20: (Rise of the First Evil)
  • Chpt21: (The Dark Phoenix)
  • Chpt22: (TBA) **Possible time traveling season**
  • Chpt23: (The Evil Dead)
  • Chpt24: (Survival of the Omniverse)
  • Series Finale Chpt25: (The Final Judgment/"Until We Meet Again")
  • Spin-Off Series: "Wayward Sisters: A Power Rangers Story"
  • (TBA Series Revival Chpt26-Chpt30)
  • Chpt26: The Reunification and The Resurgence of the Red Army"
  • Series Closure: Chpt30

Story Arcs

Chapter 1: "The Curse of the White Ranger"

Chapter 1 Title Card

(this chapter will soon undergo a full revision from each ep., as my writing back then wasn't as good as it is now. Chpt2 is where the journey begins for the main characters.)

Chapter 2: "The Hunt for Yellow-Eyes Pt1"

Chapter 2 Title Card

Chapter 3: "The Hunt for Yellow-Eyes Pt2"

Chapter 3 Title Card

Chapter 4: "The 66 Seals of Lucifer"

Chapter 4 Title Card

Chapter 5: "The Apocalypse and the Rise of Lucifer"

Chapter 5 Title Card

Chapter 6 Title Card

Chapter 6: "A Search for a New God"

Chapter 7: "The First Beast"

Chapter 8 Title Card

Chapter 8: "The Trials of God"

Chapter 9 Title Card

Chapter 9: "False Paradise"

Chapter 10 Title Card

Chapter 10: "The Curse of the Mark"

Chapter 11: "Light and Darkness, An Eternal Love"

Chapter 11 Title Card

Chapter 12 Title Card

Chapter 12: "The Secret Society"

Chapter 13: "The Antichrist"

Chapter 13 Title Card

Chapter 14: "The Invasion of the Celestials"

Chapter 14 Title Card

Chapter 15: "A Brother's End"

Chapter 15 Title Card



White Dino Ranger Kurt Mendoza
Titanium Ranger Hunter Winchester



  • In Chpt15
    • TBA

Main Villains

Supernatural Beings and Organizations

Primordial Entities

Primordial Creations

The Kingdom of Heaven

Ruler of Heaven

  • Duma [serving as leader of the remaining angels after Naomi's death]
  • God [during primordial times]
  • Michael [took over as ruler when God left after Lucifer's fall. Lasting until the events of Chpt5]
  • Raphael [in Chpt6, took over as ruler after Michael and Lucifer were imprisoned in the cage]
  • Castiel [briefly in Chpt7, after declaring himself as "The New God" after absorbing all the souls from Purgatory and killing Raphael]
  • Metatron [in Chpt9, after harnessing the power of the Angel Tablet]
  • Naomi [in Chpt8, took over after Castiel's attempt in taking over Heaven & lasting until Chpt13, after being killed by Damien]



  • Castiel [recurring role]
  • Other Various Angel Grunts

The Demonic Forces of Hell

King of Hell

  • (no current ruler)
  • Lucifer [formerly, original King & ruler of Hell]
  • Azazel [took over after Lucifer's imprisonment in the cage. Lasting until the events of Chpt3]
  • Lilith [former Queen of Hell in Chpt4, taking over after Azazel's death]
  • Abaddon [former Queen of Hell in Chpt9, during in a power conflict against Crowley]
  • Crowley [took over as King of Hell after Lucifer's 2nd imprisonment in Chpt5. Lasting until the events of Chpt12, after killing himself to in an attempt to trap Lucifer in Apocalypse World]

Princes of Hell

Other Demons (click on link for a complete list of all demons featured in the series)


(click on link above for a complete list of all other monsters featured in the series)

Men of Letters

Ranger Arsenal, Weapons & Historical Artifacts

Ranger Arsenal

  • Power Upgrades 'I've introduced 2 new Ranger upgrades that will be featured in the future of the series:'
  • Morphers
    • White Drago Morpher [Chpt1&5-10, Power returned to Kurt during Chpt5]
    • Titanium Morpher [Chpt6-10, Kurt's during his 3 year period between the end of Chpt5 and the start of Chpt6 but given to Hunter to become the new Titanium Ranger]
  • Ranger Weapons
    • Baku Laser [Chpt7-8, in Kurt's possession]
    • Drago Sword (Kurt's)
    • Titanium Laser (Hunter's)

Other Weapons & Historical Artifacts


Dino Stegazord [Chpt1&6]

  • White Drago Zord [Chpt1&6-7]
  • Stegozord [Chpt1&6]

Fearsome Beast, BakurenOh [Chpt7]

  • Fearsome Blastasaur, CarnoRyutus [Chpt7]
  • Fearsome Blastasaur, ChasmoShieldon [Chpt7]

Locations and Realms


  • Earth Prime (our Earth in real life)
  • The "Rangerverse" (the Ranger/Sentai Universe)
  • The "French Mistake-verse" (where Hunter & Kurt are portrayed as actors instead of Rangers)
  • Dino Earth (origin Earth for the powers of the Sentai Abaranger team & Dino Thunder Rangers)
  • Apocalypse World (an alternate reality to the Rangerverse created by Damien where Hunter & Kurt never existed to prevent The Apocalypse and the imminent war between Heaven & Hell)


  • Various Power Chambers in the Rangerverse
  • The Original MMPR Command Center
    • (underground) Men of Letters Bunker (demolished by Damien)


  • Morphing Grid
  • Heaven
  • The Abyss of Evil, Purgatory
  • Hell
    • Lucifer's Cage in Hell
  • The Void (referenced in Chpt11)

Timeline of the Series

To Be Announced