Power Rangers Ninja Steel Opening 1(Lego Ninjago Style)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Opening 1(Lego Ninjago Style)

Power Rangers Ninjago

Power Rangers Elemental Masters is based on the Cartoon Network series Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu 

Power Rangers: Elemental Masters Synopsis



Color Role Element
Red  Kai (ATM) Fire
Blue Jay Lightning
White/Titanium Zane Ice
Black Cole (ATM) Earth
Green/Gold Lloyd Energy/Golden Power
Light Blue Nya Water

Allies (Not Completed yet)

  • Misako
  • Dareth
  • Garmadon
  • Samurai X/PIXAL
  • Ronin
  • Dr Julien(ghost)
  • Nelson (Purple Ninja)
  • Ray
  • Maya
  • Echo Zane
Elemental Masters Name Power
Green Shadow Master Morro Wind
Black Elemental Master Unknown Earth
Purple Elemental Master Gravis Gravity
Grey Elemental Master Ash Smoke
Yellow Elemental Master Skylor Amber
White Elemental Master Paleman Light

Villains (Not completed yet)

  • Lord Garmadon
  • Harumi
  • Overlord
  • Pythor
  • Great Devourer
  • Nadakhan
  • Morro
  • Krux
  • Acronix
  • The Preeniment
  • Nindroids
  • Serpintine



  • Ninja Battle Crystal
  • Ninja Battle Stars


Elemental Blades


  • Red Lion Zord
  • Blue Tiger Zord
  • Black Bison Zord
  • Titanium Snake Zord
  • Green Dragon Zord
  • Gold Dragon Zord
  • Dragon Megazord
  • Water Eagle Zord
  • Ninjago Ultrazord


  1. Back in Action
  2. Harumi Origins
  3. Scream Factor
  4. Nightmare For Black
  5. Dinner For None
  6. Evil Ranger (1)
  7. Green Goes Rogue For A Day (2)
  8. The New Ninja
  9. Under Attack
  10. Final Battle
  11. The Preeminent
  12. Ghostown
  13. Life of a Ranger
  14. Morro
  15. Back to School
  16. Pythor and his Chums
  17. Sewer Jewel
  18. 2132
  19. Big City, New Faces
  20. V.I.R.U.S
  21. A New Ally
  22. Fallen
  23. A Samurai in Disguise
  24. Thrown and Caught
  25. Stranded
  26. New Rangers, More Danger
  27. Challenge
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