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Power Rangers: Mixbeasts
Number 28
Number of episodes: 32
First episode: The Purge of World (Part One)
Last episode: Heroes Do Best (Part Three)
Intro: Power Rangers: Mixbeasts/Theme Song
Adapted from: None
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Author: Pokemasterss
Production Order
Power Rangers: Decade
Power Rangers Origin
Power Rangers: Mixbeasts is the 28th season American-exclusive Power Rangers series after event of PR: ZEXAL.


After Shadow's destruction as the final battle, the worlds was saved by Samuel then the Beasts were sealed except for Samuel, Eureka, Yuuto and others.


Mix Tamers

Tyrannodon Roho Joo
Chamejaku "Tiny" Tina (accidentally sent from Borderland World much as Samuel and his friends' shocked and horror)
Tortopiker Todd
Wolfket Zone-tan (accidentally sent from Zone-tan Universe)
Parasblaster Ciel Phantomhive
Crimsozord Kuroyukihime


  • Samuel Joo (Samuel's secret revealed that Gagaga Girl is only daughter as well his son Dillain)
  • Ryotaro Nogami/Den-O Liner
  • Droite/Den-O Slash
  • Gagaga Girl/Gal
  • Dillain Joo
  • Ziggy Grover
  • Mira Clay
  • Zip Clay


The Crews

  • Eustace
  • Darkros
  • Dr. Mikoto


  • Lady Starscream
  • The Megatron Trio
    • Galvatro
    • Sawtron
    • BlastHelmet

Beasts and MixBeast Monsters

  1. Yuiza (destroyed by combined attack Roho and Tyrannodon Zord)
  2. Zelirus (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Shokan (defeated by MixMax Megazord)
  3. Dr. Xs (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Huinatree (defeated by MixMax Megazord)
  4. Yibil (destroyed by Tamers and joined force Zone-tan)
    1. Ziin (defeated by Wolf Mix Megazord)
    2. Uinn (defeated by MixMax Megazord, but not before Ziin attacked)
  5. Swona (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Suin (defeated by Tyrannodon Zord)
  6. Grubbar (destroyed by Tamers with helping Ciel)
    1. Blackin (defeated by Parasblaster)
  7. Yikunin (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Jiim (defeated by MixMax Megazord)
  8. Unilak (destroyed by Tamers and joined force Ciel)
    1. Onkai (defeated by Paras Mix Megazord)
  9. Ailmija (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Snappinsaur (defeated by MixNMatch Attachment WolfNParas)
  10. Uka-Ika (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Two-Headed Mouthmin (defeated by new partner Gatortruck Zord and second Megazord called Ventera Megazord)
  11. Cryinman (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. Frogihans (defeated by MixMax Megazord and Ventera Megazord)
  12. CentaurArms (overwhelming the two Megazords before defeated by new MixUp Formation called MixMax Megazord Ventera)
  13. Rockerdude (destroyed by Tamers)
    1. MechGolem (defeated by Ventera Megazord)
    2. Octolinger (defeated by MixMax Megazord Ventera)


Morphing Devices



These Zords called MixBeast Monsters also called Soul Chi Beasts, the sentient creatures who created from Shadow's destruction and Fatal Frame World breakdown as well also.

Main Soul Chi

  • MixUp Formation: MixMax Ultimazord
    • MixUp Formation: MixMax Megazord Lotsu
      • MixUp Formation: MixMax Megazord Ventera
        • MixMax Megazord
          • Tyrannodon Zord
          • Chamelejaku Zord
          • Tortoispiker Zord
        • Vetera Megazord
          • Wolfket Zord
          • Parablaster Zord
          • Gatortruck Zord
        • Crimsozord/Crimso Warriorzord
        • Seismozord/

Other Combinations

  • Wolf Mix Megazord
  • Paras Mix Megazord
  • MixNMatch Attachment: WolfNParas Megazord
  • Crimso Paras Warriorzord


  1. The Purge of World (Part One)
  2. Rescues (Part Two)
  3. The Soulness of Love
  4. Mixing Up with Ranger's New Zord
  5. Road to the Fifth Ranger
  6. Parasaurus Gun
  7. Getting Alone Away
  8. The Fifth Finally Join
  9. The Teamwork
  10. Getting Around with Gator
  11. Un-Happy Moment
  12. With Five Into One
  13. Gagaga Girl on the Stage
  14. Battle of Space
  15. RPM FOURever
  16. Pride with Homers
  17. Strike for Ultimatium
  18. Monsters or a Beasts
  19. Reinforcement
  20. The Crimson Light (Kuroyukihime first appearance)
  21. The Crimsozord
  22. The Power of Six
  23. The Red Knight
  24. Battle Mix-Up
  25. Battle of Mix World
  26. The Attack of Illusion
  27. Return the Real World
  28. The Red Knight Strike Back
  29. The Life is Never Ends
  30. The Ultimate Enemy Origin (Part One)
  31. The Ultimate Beast Rampage (Part Two)
  32. Final Episode: Heroes Do Best (Part Three)


  • Because of Super Sentai, the American production can make new Arc before Melk the Second birth.
  • This season would be not kill monsters-of-the-week only MixBeast Monsters exception with small enemies.

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