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This series is abandoned and has not been edited for over 6 months now. If you want to adopt it put in a request here.


Years ago three animals were chosen to be the leaders of of three elements. Meso, the Shark, became King of the Water. Strato, the Eagle, became Queen of the Thunder. And Litho, the Lion, became King of Fire. But Exos wanted to be king of an element, so he stole the chest of elements and gave him the powers of darkness. Litho, Strato, and Meso fought him off and sealed him into the Cave of the Mysticals locking him in the cave markings. They knew he would return so they gave the rest of the elements to the other animals. Years after some people went down into the Cave of the Mysticals, and found the markings, solved the puzzle, and Exos was released. He then took over the scientist, and had the power of darkness. Litho, Strato, and Meso heard the power of him and finally went in search of the three warriors that would control them and their powers. That moment John, Marcus, and Katie were getting ready for their big show as daredevils. So after their preformance Exos showed up looking for a fight. But as everyone ran the three animal guardian showed up, but as they fought him their power became weaker and weaker. So the devils went to help them up and the animal kinghts gave them their powers. So their senses told them to attack, so they did with their new amazing abilities. But they failed to do so and they were about to be destroyed until Pink Panther Ranger showed up and helped them out. Then all the minions were destroyed. She powered down and went to help out the teens. They looked at her and said your the pink ranger. So the Animal Knights and Kat explained what was going on and that they were chosen to become the Power Rangers: Jungle Pack. Kat gave them their morphers and they became a team from then on out.


Power Rangers

Red Lion Ranger John Carter
Blue Shark Ranger Marcus Steven
Yellow Eagle Ranger Katie Bennet
Pink Panther Ranger Katherine Hillard
Green Ram Ranger Ronald Mernard
Black Penguin Ranger Nina Hernadez
Violet Fox Ranger Kimberly Hart
Silver Wolf Ranger Tommy Oliver


  • Exos
  • Sniper
  • Stampede Brotherhood
    • Tigo
    • Cheatah
    • Jager
  • Bark-Pack
    • Silver (before)
    • Foxy (before)
    • Fango
    • Karyote
    • Hunter Hound
    • Busher Mutt
    • Doghole
  • Creatures
  • Beasts


  • Animal Guardians
    • Litho
    • Strato
    • Meso
  • Claws
    • Adam
    • Mary
    • Polo
  • Mike
  • Lizzie
  • Uncle Greg

Animal Guardians/Zords

  • Flaming Lion Zord
  • Gliding Eagle Zord
  • Swimming Shark Zord
  • Swifting Panther Zord
  • Powerful Ram Zord
  • Cunning Penguin Zord
  • Quiet Wolf Zord
  • Secret Fox Zord
  • Grizzly Bear Zord
  • Black Bear Zord
  • Polar Bear Zord
  • Shining Dragon Zord
  • Reflecting Dragon Zord