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Power Rangers: Go Rescue
Number 2
Number of episodes: 48
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Intro: Power Rangers: Go Rescue/Theme Song
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Author: Netzord
Production Order
Power Rangers: Wizard
Power Rangers: SCANNERZ
Power Rangers: Go Rescue is the second season of Future X Series. The motif is rescue team and is being created by Netzord.


The dark forces was arrived and planning to burn the entire world. In 2025 years, the futuristic team goes to the present time then fight off the dark forces. With the rescue the teammates, they used their Rescue Morphers to become super rescue team called Power Rangers: Go Rescue.


Rescue Rangers

Main article: Rescue Rangers
Fire Truck Cole Silen -> Future Cole -> Cole Silen
Lightning Car Sissy Carman
Jet Chaz Mic
Mixer Rad Oric
Ambulance Ms. Polars
Boat Captain Skulkid
Futuristic Truck Future Cole (Cole's future self in Future Earth 2087 years)



  • Dr. Scavenger
  • Ms. Tecna
  • People of Future Earth


Grimm Tales

Main article: Legend Rangers

Red Kieran Colburn
Black Cameron Worrall
Blue Sid Katsumoto
Pink Emily Piraino
White Jess Merova
Neptune Asparu ► Kieran Colburn
Green Edward J. Nately III (Ep. 18 - "Catch-22" by Joseph Heeler)
Yellow Lucy Westenra (Ep. 39 - "Dracula" by Bram Stoker)


Jungle Force

  • Ghasty Kong/Mega Ghasty Kong (he was finally destroyed by Trail Megazord and Boatfleet Megazord using the MegaCannon Enforcer)
    • Issbar (destroyed by Dr. Futo's cracker rocket)
    • Minister Prinse/Mutant Prinse (mutated by using the Prehistoric Potion, beaten by Cole and his future self and destroyed by Trailfleet MegaCannon and Future-Trail Megazord)
    • Angeic (beaten by the four Rescue Rangers and destroyed by Trailfleet MegaCannon)
    • Kung Fu Mooon (beaten by Chaz and destroyed by Trailfleet MegaCannon)
    • V-Borgs
Ghastly Ranger Cole Silen (controlled by Ghasty Kong until turned back into Rescue Red Ranger)

Bug Creatures

  • General Crum (beaten by six Rangers and meet his demise by Trailfleet MegaCannon)
    • Arugoha (beaten by Future Cole and destroyed by Trail Megazord BattleArmed Mode)
    • Ms. Scyizo (beaten by the four Rescue Rangers and destroyed by Trail Megazord and Boatfleet Megazord)
    • Bug Juis



Morphing Devices

  • Rescue Morpher
    • Attack Keys
    • Weapon Keys
    • Vehicle Keys
    • Zord Keys
    • Upgrade Keys
    • Assault-Mode Battlizer Key (for Rescue Red Ranger)


  • Gunhold Blaster
  • Rescue Mechblaster
  • Gatling Launcher
  • Rescue Banzooka
  • Silver Calibur


  • Battle Bikes
  • Battle Gliders


These vehicles were called Modelzords to used the Zord Keys to unlock the engine powers.

Main Zords

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ➲ carrier zord, ◇ secondary piloted zord
  • Trailfleet MegaCannon Attack
    • Trailfleet Megazord
      • Traildrive Megazord
        • Trail Megazord
          • Fire Howler Modelzord
          • Lightning Car Modelzord
          • Jet Spear Modelzord
          • Green Mixer Modelzord
          • Pink Ambulance Modelzord
        • Shuttlezord/Mega Shuttlezord
      • Boatfleet Megazord
        • Fleetzord
        • Cannon Modelzord
        • Marine Modelzord
      • MegaCannon Enforcer
        • Drill Modelzord
        • Shovel Modelzord
        • Phane Modelzord
        • Dumper Modelzord
        • Policecar Modelzord
  • Future-Trail Megazord
    • Future Howler Modelzord
    • Future Car Modelzord
    • Future Jet Modelzord
    • Future Mixer Modelzord
    • Future Ambulance Modelzord

Auxiliary Form

  • Trail Megazord Drill Mode
    • Drill Modelzord
  • Trail Megazord Scooper Mode
    • Shovel Modelzord
  • Trail Megazord Sky Mode
    • Plane Modelzord
  • Boatfleet Megazord Rover Mode
    • Dumper Modelzord
  • Trail Megazord BattleArmed Mode
    • Blaster Buggy Zord
  • Trail Megazord Drill-Rover Mode
  • Boatfleet Megazord Mixer Mode
  • Traildrive Megazord Drill-Scooper Mode
  • Boatfleet Megazord Cop Mode
    • Policecar Modelzord
  • Traildrive Megazord Cop-Drill-Sky Mode

Evil Zords

  • Tyrant Drill Megazord (destroyed by Trail Megazord Battle Armed Mode, Absolant Ultrazord and Caliburnus Ultrazord; it was revived along with their components by Cole as Ghastly Ranger)
    • Drill Crusher Zord
    • Grimm Claw Zord
    • Predator Deva Zord
    • Crab Claw Zord
    • Centipedestructo Zord


  1. Rescue Teams
  2. Playing Nice
  3. Code Red
  4. Digging for Scavenger
  5. Mastery of the Sword
  6. Scoop Like The Ice
  7. Trying to Rough
  8. Hard Pieces
  9. Right To The Sky
  10. Arms To Space (Part One)
  11. In The Right Moment (Part Two)
  12. Earthling Rolls
  13. Battle For Future
  14. The Secret of Rescue Rangers
  15. Captain's Play
  16. Boatfleet Megazord Fights Back
  17. Calls For Scavenger
  18. Forever of Wings
  19. Calling Dark
  20. The Time Stop
  21. When The Dump Goes
  22. Digging with the Captain
  23. Sending to the Flow
  24. The Upgraded Morpher
  25. Meet the Pharaoh Aku
  26. The One Big Eye
  27. Legendary Red Battlizer
  28. Question or No Question
  29. Kung Fu Chaz (Kung Fu Mooon is destroyed)
  30. The Alien from the Future
  31. Bug in the House
  32. Operation, Rescue Gray
  33. Red vs. Gray
  34. The Two Multiverses (The main timeline and future timeline is merging into one)
  35. The Big Tyrant Bug
  36. Ghasty of Destruction (Ghasty Kong easily defeat the Rangers much as happily and kidnap Cole the Rescue Red Ranger)
  37. Future Cole's Hopeness (Future Cole must take on Rescue Red Ranger role to save his present self)
  38. The Techbot
  39. Monster Tails
  40. The Beyond of Two (crossover with Power Rangers Transcendent Kai and take place between 40 and 41)
  41. Watch Out For Arugoha
  42. Cole's Attacks (Cole was been controlled by Ghasty Kong to take out the Rangers)
  43. The Return of the Tyrant
  44. The Future Ripped (Future Cole was temporarily disappeared and his future Megazord is burned down)
  45. The Two Queens Attacked
  46. The Rightful Justice (Cole is snapped out Ghasty Kong's control and General Crum's defeats)
  47. Ghasty Kong's Mutation
  48. Final Episode: The Future Shall Hope (Ghasty Kong was destroyed by Trail Megazord and Boatfleet Megazord using the MegaCannon Enforcer and the two timelines were seperated as well Future Cole returned to his future timeline)


  1. Power Rangers: Go Rescue and Grimm Tales (take place between 23 and 24)

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