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Power Rangers: Gem Hunters
Number of episodes: 11
First episode: The Gem Hunts
Last episode: Training Hard
Intro: Power Rangers: Gem Hunters/Theme Song
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Author: Samueljoo/Pokemasterss
Production Order
Power Rangers: Card Liver
Power Rangers: Dragosaurus

Power Rangers: Gem Hunters is the sixth season of Power Rangers created by Samueljoo. This season is after Power Rangers: Card Liver.


Long time ago, the ancient guardians awakened by the five gemstone-like rings called Gem Rings. The creation of the mystical vehicle-like beasts named Gembeast Zords. However, the evil entity attacked the guardians before they sealed away and Gembeasts was turned into statues. Fortunately, the one hunter saw the five Gem Rings and awakening the Gembeasts which is the five teenages found them. However, the evil entity was returned and forming the organization called The Space Mutants. The Gem Rings calls the kids that the Space Mutants arrival and can be transform into the new team called Power Rangers: Gem Hunters.


Gem Hunters

Flame John Tyler
Lightning Amma Rily
Ocean Kite Checker
Wood Harold Tandin
Wind Katherine Salan
Rock Shen Ji (an ancestor of Harold)
Poison Leela Ku (an ancestor of Amma)
Focus Kah Uka (an ancestor of Kite)


  • Wondering Face
  • Robo-E2
  • Billy Goun
  • Mr. Frankenstim


Space Mutants

  • Mumboom - A leader of Space Mutants who created from the evil entity.
  • Zomstar - A insane servant of Space Mutants which is to create and enlarge a monsters.
  • Ista - A female servant of Space Mutants which is to transfer the monsters into the chamber.
  • Alieng - A footsoldiers of Space Mutants.


  1. Cruncher (beaten by Gem Hunters and destroyed by Gemknight Megazord)
  2. Serpenterror (beaten by Gem Hunters and destroyed by Gemknight Megazord)
  3. Stickipops (beaten by Amma and Kite's combining attack and destroyed by Gemknight Megazord)
  4. Istaborg (a robotic duplicate of herself, destroyed by Gem Hunters)
  5. Mantabreak (beaten by Shen Ji as Orange Gem Hunter and destroyed by Gemblaster Megazord)
  6. Cutroid (beaten by Gem Hunters and destroyed by Gemblaster Megazord)
  7. Fangon (beaten by Leela Ku as Purple Gem Hunter and destroyed by Gemblade Megazord)
  8. Termiver (beaten by John and Kathrine's combined attacks and destroyed by Gemknight Megazord)
  9. Foejab (beaten by Kah Uka as Teal Gem Hunter and destroyed by Teal Diesel Gazellezord)
  10. Foejab Zwei (beaten by Kite's Kicking Spin and destroyed by Gemkick Megazord)


Morphing Devices

  • Gemstone Morpher


  • Gem Blaster
  • Gempower Stryker
    • Red Gem Slasher
    • Yellow Gem Rod
    • Blue Gem Cyclonus
    • Green Gem Staff
    • Pink Gem Bow

Ancient Weapons

  • Ancient Staff
  • Ancient Rod
  • Ancient Cyclonus


  • Stryker Bikes


Main Zords

Auxiliary Zords


  1. The Gem Hunts
  2. Within the Story About
  3. The Stick Together
  4. The Strange Change
  5. Finding Wish
  6. Saving The Trees
  7. Spirit of the Blades
  8. The Attack of Mutants
  9. Kicking with Gems (Part One)
  10. Fight with Kick (Part Two)
  11. Training Hard


  • The early version is Power Rangers: Space Police Elite were coming to this season. However, it will recreates the opposite.

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