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Power Rangers: Electro Force
Number 38
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Its Electro
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Intro: Power Rangers: Electro Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Denshi Sentai Denziman
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Author: Starlina
Power rangers electro force
Production Order
Power Rangers: Electro Force is the 38th Installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation universe. Based on the adaptation of Denshi Sentai Denziman


Advance Technology reaches Earth and new villains emerged with a vengeance. 5 teens are chosen by the Electro Power Rings to become the Newest team of Power Rangers but one gives her ring to another as a passed down the torch summit.

Electro Force Rangers

Name Ranger Designation
Darryl Heisman Red Electro Ranger
Joseph Munroe Blue Electro Ranger
Rainn Farmer Green Electro Ranger
Cameron Carson Yellow Electro Ranger
Teranee Koyabashu Pink Electro Ranger


Transformation Devices

  • Electro Ring Morpher

Sidearm Weapons

  • Electro Punchers
  • Electro Daggers


  • Electro Force MegaZord
  • Electro Shuttle Jet Zord

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