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Power Rangers: Beetle Force
Number 60
Number of episodes: 53
First episode: Beetle Force has arrived!
Last episode: Forever, Beetle Force
Intro: Power Rangers: Beetle Force/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: 2040
Author: Tsukasa112
Production Order
Power Rangers: Beetle Force is a remake of Beetleborgs.


Whilst investigating a sudden mass swarming of beetles in Niagra Falls, researcher Alex Wes of the Toronto Zoo meets the mystical Insect spirit King. He tells him that the insects sense the invasion of the extra-dimensional Aphorbion Empire, and are preparing to fight them. With the Insect King's help, Alex and his mentor Professor Wallin develop three Power Armor suits infused with the power of beetles. One suit is entrusted to Alex, the other two to Rachel Pam and Cody Brake. They become the Beetle Force, who regularly oppose the schemes of Aphorbion and its three generals.

Beetle Rangers

Red Alex Wes
Green Rachel Pam
Blue Cody Brake


  • Dr. Wallace
  • Prof. Julie





  • Insect Morpher: The morpher based of beetle. It can morph into Ranger form.
  • Beetle Gun: The gun is shape like the beetle.
  • Beetle Summoner:
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