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Power Rangers: Beast Wars
Number 7
Number of episodes: 25
First episode: The Beasts Arrive
Last episode: The Close of Battle
Intro: Jungle Tide
Adapted from: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
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Beast War Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers: Cyber
Power Rangers: Rescue
Power Rangers: Beast Wars is the seventh series in "Falcon's Canon".


After the Cyber Rangers power surge, electricity pours into the drives of five mechanical beasts. They seek out five willing individuals to help them in a secret war between beasts and man in another dimension.



Color Name Actor/Actress Age
Red Lion Anthony Williams Corey Hawkins 29
Blue Gorilla Noel Barrow Aaron Taylor-Johnson 27
Green Dragon Eric Hayes Ezra Miller 25
Wolf Yellow Kolby Hicks Nathalie Emmanuel 28
Pink Panther Reva Sanders Emma Robert 26
Black Bull Blair Wright Shawn Hatosy 41




  1. The Beasts Arrive
  2. The Doctor is In
  3. Bear With Me
  4. Lion's Share
  5. Gorilla Warfare
  6. Dragon's Egg
  7. Panther Paws
  8. Wolf Dance
  9. The Place of Legends
  10. The Lights of Scarro
  11. Running With the Bulls
  12. Bully for the Bull
  13. Releasing the Pain
  14. Dangling in Plain Sight
  15. Ten is the Magic Number
  16. Party for the Rest
  17. Time Off to Be Wright
  18. Take This Job
  19. No Pain, No Crane
  20. Whether it's Weather or Not
  21. Makeshift Marketplace
  22. The Beginning of the End
  23. Fighting for Their Lives, Part 1
  24. Fighting for Their Lives, Part 2
  25. The Close of Battle


  • Anthony Williams - Corey Hawkins
  • Noel Barrow - Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Eric Hayes - Ezra Miller
  • Kolby Hicks - Nathalie Emmanuel
  • Reva Sanders - Emma Roberts
  • Blair Wright - Shawn Hatosy
  • Bailey Anderson - Jennifer Lopez
  • Michael Harriett - Mario Lopez
  • William Hicks - James Earl Jones
  • Jacqueline Wright - Diane Kruger