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Power Rangers: Beast Masters
Number 09
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Rise of the Beasts
Last episode: Number of the Beasts
Intro: Power Rangers: Beast Masters/Theme Song
Adapted from: Choujuu Sentai Liveman
Original airing: 2016
Author: Starlina
PRBMasters team
Production Order
Power Rangers Shaolin Roar (Starlina's Version) ‎
Power Rangers AirForce (Starlina's Version)

Power Rangers: Beast Masters is the 9th installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation series. based on the adaptation of the 12th entry of the Japanese Super Sentai; Choujuu Sentai Liveman.


"Over 10,000 years ago a nation of all-female warriors known as the Amazons took on evil doers who dare attack their land and tribe only to discover that one of their own has dark powers and it turned out to be one of the sisters who then becomes the sorceress. Since then many people outside of the island and battle the sorceress’ goons but failed to make it to the next level. But many centuries later 4 teens were transported to the island along the way they meet an amazon princess and face the same warriors together but prevail prompting the now Queen of the Amazons Aloisia brings the five-some together to harness the powers of the creatures known as the beast guardians and unite as 1 as the Power Rangers: Beast Masters!"


4 Teens are transported to an island and an amazon princess join forces to form an ultimate and utilizes the powers of the 5 Element Creatures of Earth to combat the Sorceress.

Beast Master Rangers

Beast Master Rangers
Carmine Sandford Red Beast Master Ranger


Yellow Beast Master Ranger
Mason Lopez Black Beast Master Ranger
Amaya Hisakawa Blue Beast Master Ranger (1)
Nanami Koyabashu Blue Beast Master Ranger (2)
Timothy Bramston Green Beast Master Ranger


Team Blasters and Individual Weapons

  • Red Ranger - Falcon Beast Sword > Falcon Beast Saber
  • Yellow Ranger - Lion Beast Puncher > Lion Growl Blaster
  • Blue Ranger - Dolphin Beast Bow
  • Black Ranger - Bison Bo Staff
  • Green Ranger - Rhinorangs


  • Queen Alosia (Xantha's Mother)
  • Amazon Royal Court
  • Young Amazons


  • The Sorceress
  • Kealors - Foot Soldiers
  • Gashoite - Sorceress' Second-in-Command
  • Voltixa


  • Beast Master Ultrazord ◆◆◆◆◆
  • Quinti-Beast Megazord ◆◆◆◆◆
  • Tri-Beast Megazord ◆◆◆
  • Falcon Beastazord ◆
  • Lion Beastazord ◆
  • Dolphin Beastazord◆
  • Grounda-Beast Megazord◆◆
  • Rhino Beastazord◆
  • Bison Beastazord◆


  • Based on animal motif and technology this is the first time a Blue Ranger takes the spot of the Pink Ranger in the series
  • Unlike its counterpart, it takes on an island and in the city dual locations
  • The Yellow Ranger is an Amazon Princess
  • There are Two Blue Rangers on the team Amaya and her successor Nanami.

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