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Atomic Force Mini
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Atomic Force
Atomic Force
Number 1
Number of episodes: 15
First episode: Project A.T.O.M., Part 1
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers: Atomic Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kaku Sentai Genshiranger
Original airing: November 9, 2010
Author: WolfsbaneX
Production Order
"Through the power of science we defeat the alien foe, Power Rangers: Atomic Force!"
—Atomic Force Rangers

Power Rangers: Atomic Force is an ongoing fanfiction by WolfsbaneX, begun in late 2010 and set in the same year in Universe Gamma. According to plan, it will cross over with Power Rangers: Beasts of Myth, at some point in a separate story. It is an "adaptation" of Kaku Sentai Genshiranger.


Five years ago, an alien called Gelato started his conquest of Earth. He sent battalions of his Gel Troopers to destroy city after city, all of whom defended themselves to no avail. This continued until, in a place called Five Hills, Dr. Adrian Fisher created the Proton Stinger, a laser charged with protons. The weapon was effective and could easily take out a full battalion. Dr. Fisher was pleased with his work, but a traitor stole the Proton Stinger and its prints before it could be duplicated. The doctor fell into a state of distress until he stumbled upon the Morphing Grid. With his knowledge of nuclear mechanics, he infused its power with the three parts of the atom, creating the Red, Blue, and Green Atomic Morphers. He now looks for three worthy enough to operate them.



Designation Name
Proton Seymour Russell
Neutron Andrew Davis
Electron Gwen Montgomery
Vortex Jack Steel



Gel Shockers

  • Hydrotox
  • Petrooze
  • Gelico
  • Spindle
  • Sanswarp
  • Spazwarp
  • Dimwarp
  • Biolash
  • Melton
  • Elitor
  • Threshpoint
  • Slugshot
  • Leecor
  • Feer


  • Atomic Morphers
  • Vortex Gauntlet
  • Atom Laser (Blade, Rifle)
  • Fission Cycles
  • Vortex ATV
  • Gamma Mode (Gyroblade)


Legend: ◆ pilot Zord, ✶ team-controlled Zord, ❖ aux Zord

  • Atomic Megazord ✶
    • Proton Flyer
    • Neutron Runner
    • Electron Manta
  • Ancient Atomic Megazord ✶
    • Spino Zord
    • Cranio Zord
    • Pentacera Zord
  • Dino Pharaoh Megazord ✶
  • Vortex Sphinx
    • Warrior Mode


Atomic Force Episode List
# Episode Title Upload Date Summary
1. Project A.T.O.M. Part 1 9 November 2010 Three young adults make their way to Five Hills, where they are taken to Fisher Labs and made a unique offer.
2. Project A.T.O.M. Part 2 Having accepted their new powers, Seymour, Andrew and Gwen face their first Gel Shocker, Hydrotox.
3. Red Redemption Seymour begins his training as Red Ranger, meeting several other Fisher Labs employees.
4. Black and Blue Andrew befriends fellow genius Tyndall Fisher, struggles with his traumatic past, and all three Rangers discover new abilities.
5. Seeing Double Gwen plays hooky via self-duplication, and ends up fighting a Gel Shocker infiltrator alone in Fisher Labs.
6. Gamma Timewarp Part 1 Gelato sends the Warp Brothers against the Rangers, and the trio find themselves marooned in the Cretaceous Period.
7. Gamma Timewarp Part 2 With a little local help and their wits, the Rangers return to the present, just in time for Dr. Fisher's newest upgrade.
8. Ballad of the Wheelchair Seymour's cockiness nearly gets the better of him as Gelato sets his sights on a mysterious figure called the Time Walker.
9. Beating the Clock Gelato himself comes to Five Hills, and Andrew makes a shocking discovery about his past.
10. Chained by Lies Rebel and Marcus's parents come to visit. The problem? They've been told their children are Rangers too.
11. Stolen Part 1 Two of Andrew's old enemies, Melton and Elitor, attack the city, just as Dr. Fisher's newest project goes missing.
12. Stolen Part 2 Project and thief found, Fisher faces a difficult decision as the Gel Shockers' deadline begins to run out.
13. Ballin' the Jack The Rangers wonder what to do with Jack, but their decision is abruptly followed by a bomb threat by Threshpoint.
14. The New Guys As Jack adjusts to Ranger life, Biomecha and the Time Walker finally make their moves.
15. Relations and Revelations 25 September 2012 The newly-revealed Time Walker explains his history and the source of his powers, only to be interrupted by a Gel Shocker attack. Andrew goes directly to Gelato's Ship to rescue the newly-taken human prisoners.


  • This story contains leftovers from another idea: Power Rangers: Prisoners of War.
  • Despite the Pit being a nickname for, it was totally coincidental.
  • The books in Andrew's collection were all books the author had to read in his Junior (11th grade) year.
  • The Gel Scouts were semi-inspired by Symbiote in the Spider-Man comics.
  • The original plan for "Ballad of the Wheelchair" was to have Seymour write Rob a song, but it just didn't fit.
  • The Time Walker's powers are inspired by the Omega Ranger from SPD, and the chapter "Chained by Lies" by the episode Boom.
  • In writing "Relations and Revelations," many ideas were thought about, but never actually established. A few of which were Andrew finding out that Biomecha wasn't actually Haleigh, or that Biomecha was still on Gelato's side, a short Gwen and Jack heart-to-heart, and a more explosive battle on the ground.

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