Power Rangers: Aero
Number 5
Number of episodes: 41
First episode: Take to the Skies
Last episode: Chase into Space
Intro: Power Rangers: Aero/Theme Song
Adapted from: Chōjin Sentai Jetman
Original airing: ?
Author: Angie Y.
Production Order
Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited
Power Rangers in Space: Revisited
Power Rangers: Aero (often abbreviated as PRA or just Aero) is based on the Japanese Super Sentai television series Chōjin Sentai Jetman (translated as translated into English as Birdman Squadron Jetman) featuring the fifth generation of the Power Rangers. The "Aero" in the title is short for "Aerospace".

The series is the followup to Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited, in which the former Zeo Rangers Tommy (Zeo V - Red), Adam (Zeo IV - Green), Tanya (Zeo II - Yellow), and Kim (Zeo I - Pink) are joined by Dylan, the twelve-year-old new Blue Ranger (who replaces an injured Rocky and was the little boy that Alpha 5 met in The Wannabe Ranger that miraculously aged in Small But Mighty), in the quest to stop Telissa, a beautiful space captain, from unleashing evil upon the universe. The power of the Zeo Crystal and the Zeo Zords are not yet strong enough to withstand this new evil, so Alpha 5 assists the Rangers in creating the new Aero Powers based on legends told to him from his 'childhood' on Edenoi, which also give the Rangers new Aero Zords. Alpha 5 and Delta 4 somehow gain bodies that are far more advanced-looking that their previous ones.

Theodore "Ted" Swanson steps down from being a Ranger, temporarily, to serve as a technical advisor and mentor due to Billy's departure to Aquitar in Power Rangers Zeo: Revisited. Alpha 5 and Zordon depart as well, leaving Delta 4 as Alpha's temporary successor, but she still keeps contact with him via videophone. However, Alpha is forced to return home when the Power Chamber is under attack by Telissa's forces, and he heads into space with his beloved Delta and the others.

Aero Rangers


The Aero Rangers

Color Role Actor
Red Aero Ranger Tommy OliverT.J. Johnson Jason David FrankSelwyn Ward
Blue Aero Ranger Dylan Peterson and Cindy Shroeder Blake Foster and unknown child actress
Black Aero Ranger Adam ParkCarlos Vallerte Johnny Yong BoschRoger Velasco
Yellow Aero Ranger Tanya SloanAshley Hammond Nakia BurriseTracy Lynn Cruz
Pink Aero Ranger Kimberly Hart Cassie Chan Amy Jo JohnsonPatricia Ja Lee
Phantom Ranger Phantom Ranger Ali Afshar (as "Alex Dodd")


  1. Aero: A Power Rangers Adventure
  2. Take to the Skies
  3. Weight and See
  4. Dreams Take Flight
  5. Passing the Torch
  6. The Phantom's Fall
  7. Forget Me Never
  8. Stitch Witchery
  9. The Rise and Fall of Count Nocturne
  10. A Fire in the Dark
  11. The Robot Ranger
  12. Chase into Space

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