Gender Male
Seasons Power Rangers Olympian Force (Spidey-Cents version)
Villain Type Monster
Homeworld Earth
Species Cyclops
First Appearance Power of the Pantheon
Last Appearance Power of the Pantheon
Number of Episode Appearances 1

Polyphemus is a Monster in Power Rangers Olympian Force

Character History

Ancient Myth

Polyphemus was a monster that Odysseus faced on his trip home to Ithaca, as written in Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus managed to outsmart him and escape, but lost some of his comrades in the process.

Olympian Force

Polyphemus was the first monster sent by Hades to defeat the Rangers. He tried to defeat them with his brute strength, but was beaten and destroyed by the Olympian Crossbow.


  • Enhanced Strength- Polyphemus was able to send Nathanial "Nate" Seymor flying several yards into a bus stop fast enough to shatter the glass ad and disorient him for over a minute, even with his armor's protection.


  • "Time to smash these Rangers!" - first line after Hades summons him
  • "Rangers! My name is Polyphemus, and I will be your doom!" - first line to Rangers
  • "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" -when destroyed by Olympian Crossbow
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