Phaedos was a fertile but nearly uninhabited planet in the far reaches of the galaxy.  It has a significant counterpart in Universe Alpha, as the place the Mighty Morphin' Rangers went to obtain their Ninjetti powers.


Phaedos seems to have a variety of climates, like Earth, known to possess an ocean, desert, cliffs and a massive jungle called the Niola Jungle.  It is also an enormous graveyard, scattered with the bones of both the original Phaedosians and those who came to the planet later for its power.  It also possesses two small moons.

History (Prime Reality)

Phaedos used to have a grand, somewhat archaic civilization.  It was ruled by an Emperor and his family, who governed the planet peacefully for the most part.  About six thousand years before the present, though, the heir to the throne attempted to gain their great powers for herself before the proper time.  She was banished.  Furious,  Princess Dulcea fled to the Forbidden Zone, where she gathered an army of monsters and mercenaries to take her throne back.  The Emperor got wind of this, and began preparing for a war, sending all of Phaedos's children away in anticipation of the battle.

Dulcea returned with her monster army, and the war began.  It raged across Phaedos, each side gaining just as much as they lost, for months.  Growing desperate, and unwilling to kill her own people, Dulcea allowed her technical advisor to create a doomsday device.  She intended to use it as a threat, to force her grandfather to abdicate to her or risk annihilation, but he called her bluff.  Before she could stop them, her monsters activated the device, scattering an airborne toxin across the entire planet that wiped out both sides within hours.  Dulcea and a few of her monsters were on a shielded plateau with the device, but the machine backfired even as it shielded, irradiating the group.  The moment one of the monsters stepped out of the plateau, it collapsed into dust.

Furious at what they had done, Dulcea fought and destroyed the remnants of her army.  Trapped on that one plateau, Dulcea vowed to guard her planet as best she could, and did so for the next six thousand years.

Significant Residents