Petradon Megazord
Number of Zords 1
Zords PetraZord
Series Power Rangers Chivalry Force
First Appearance The Ballad of Biff Steele
Last Appearance Jester of the Deep
Number of Episode Appearances TBA (CF)
Petradon Megazord is a megazord formed from the offspring of a dinosaur egg discovered in the Jackson Quary. It was of intrest of Kirnu to steal to raise as his own evil robot to defeat the Dino Spirits.

Alternative Combinations

Dino-Wing Megazord

This refers to two forms: Mounted Mode and Megazord Mode. Mounted Mode is a formation where the body of the Rex Spirit is replaced by the wings of the PetraZord.

The actually Megazord form includes the Packy Partners attached to the arms.

Rex Majesty

The PetraZord form the wings and header of Rex Majesty, with the Tyrano and Mosa spirits serving similar forms as in Demon Majesty.


  • The egg form, called Pi-Tan, is not used
  • It's origin comes from the Mockcast/Newscast 0 in Rowan University's Television Production 1 course

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