Order and Chaos
Power Rangers Olympian Force (Spidey-Cents version), Episode 7
Written by SpideyCents1
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Order and Chaos is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Olympian Force and the first part of the Dark Order Arc.


When Chimera's family, the Dark Order, comes to Hades' Palace, the Rangers have to step up their game to defeat them. With the new Gold and Silver Rangers helping out, the Rangers shouldn't have an issue, right? Features an ending you won't want to miss!

Major Events

  • Echidna is introduced
  • The Dark Order is introduced
  • The Gold and Silver Rangers are introduced
  • Jay quits the Olympian Rangers



Ranger Color Full Name
Red Olympian Ranger Jason "Jay" Parker
Blue Olympian Ranger Nathanial "Nate" Seymor
Black Olympian Ranger Victor Steel
Yellow Olympian Ranger Merrida "Mera" Cadwalader
Pink Olympian Ranger Valerie Onasis



Dark Order


  • There are references to MMPR, Pudgy Pig and the episode Food Fight, Carter Grayson(Red Lightspeed Ranger), the time holes in Time Force, and NASADA from Turbo, In Space and Wild Force all in the space of one scene.
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