Gender Male
Villain Type Warrior
Species Nightmare
Series Power Rangers: Oneiro
Nyxus is a subordinate of Darkilov.

Character History

It is not known where Nyxus came from or who he was before his service to Darkilov. He was sent to Oneiro Academy to deliver a poison and send its inhabitants to Skepsi, but was told on his return that he had missed six students and a morpheus. Confidently, he returned and engaged the new Rangers in battle on the roof. Wounding all of them, he was about to kill Roland when the latter opened his eyes. Strangely frightened, Nyxus verbally recognized the Crimson Ranger, giving him enough time to throw him off the roof. He returned to Darkilov, who smashed him and then sent him to Asteria to be repaired.

As Nyxus grew well enough to speak, he and Asteria talked, and he mentioned that he didn't know how he'd recognized Roland. He swore Roland and all of the others would get theirs when he'd recovered. Eventually, he did, receiving a new robotic arm among other things.

He finally returned after the Nukutuskoppa finished its transformation, finding Angelica and Sova in the Withering Wood.


Nyxus is confident in his own abilities, fighting hard and without remorse, but has some strange connection to Roland which has not yet been explained.

Talents and Abilities

Nyxus is a capable fighter, wielding laser-firing six-shooters with attached blades. He is also strong and difficult to kill, capable of separating and reattaching his own body parts to a degree. Also, he only sees in black and white.


Nyxus is essentially a zombie cowboy. He is a decaying animate corpse with hat, vest and other clothes, six-shooters and spurs, and has one squinting blue eye. He "bleeds" blue fire when injured severely enough.