Nora Thunderman
Nora Thunderman
Gender: Female
Season(s): The Thundermans, Power Rangers GSA, Galaxy Squad
Colors: pink
Homeworld: Earth (Hiddenville)
First Appearance: Adventures is Supersitting
Last Appearance: Final Chapter-Doom of Gods
Number of Episode
103 (Thundermans)

2 (GSA)

31 (Galaxy Squad) 2 (Movie)

2 (Hexagon) 1 (LM)

Actor: Addison Riecke
Danger Pink
Galaxy Squad Silver
Metal Roll Call
silver Ranger]]

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Nora Thunderman is the middle daughter of the Thunderman family. She has the ability of heat vision/laser eyes, fitting as she is one of two rangers based of the constellation Orpheus, the snake-barer (the other her big sis, Phoebe [who indirectly got her powers from Eustus MacAlister, the Galaxy Quantum Ranger]). However, she also was temporarily Danger Pink. Nora is known for being the toughest of the Thundermans and also for her bows that she wears all the time.

Character History

Post Thunderman's/Danger Thunder

Just weeks before her 15th birthday, She and her other brother, Billy, get a call from Max telling them to join him, Henry Hart/Kid Danger, and Ray Manchester/Captain Man in Forge Bend. They come to his aid and use a special type of bubble gum to become the Danger Rangers. With new allies in the GSA rangers, Nora; her brothers; and Henry join them and Captain Marisol aboard the Andromeda Orion.

Galaxy Squad

Along with her siblings, they found the 4th, 5th, and 6th Ohman stones, with Nora the Orpheus Stone. However, once reuniting with the others, she notices her outfit doesn't have a skirt like Cornith and Kora's, pointing out she's more girly then them. This technicality comes from her sentai counterpart being male, but its finally subsided when Kayla (who's counterpart is also male) and Terrance arrive. However, she says she's more a tomboy than the girls with skirts, which Ashton agrees with, being called a tomboy prior to transitioning.

With help of Eustus, the rangers subdued Phoebe and united the 16 rangers of prophecy, gradually eroded by Jark Matter and Dark Mayhem, eventually taking all the Super Powers of Henry Hart and the Thunderman Rangers.


However, when Margaux said the Dark Mayhem still had the Thunderman's Powers, she became the silver Galaxy Ranger and got them back. She also appeared in the Sisterhood TV Movie.

Literary Morphers

Phoebe, Max, Nora, Billy, and Chloe avenged their father's death at the hands of White Rhino Sentries and returned to assist the rangers, riders, and troopers as the T-Force (thus, not counted into the 199 heroes, despite using her Galaxy Squad powers during the Battle of Cornith).


Nora may be the smallest kid in the Thunderman bunch, but she knows more than what her tiny years let for. She gets her biggest thrills from getting in the way of Billy's shenanigans and has a spunky personality to boot.

  • Nora is the most manipulative Thunderman and things have to go her way. She easily manipulates her parents, as well as her siblings.
  • All the other Thundermans are scared of her.
  • When she gets angry, she activates her Laser eyes, ready to attack, even with non-supes (or mortals in Galaxy Squad). The others usually stop her before it's too late.
  • She's very tough and strong-minded but her weakness is her bows. If you threaten her bows, she cracks easily even if she had promised someone else to keep a secret.
  • She is very smart, just like Max and Phoebe and actually outsmarts them, like in Life of the Outlaw.
  • She used to be very intimidating and tough, but is more friendly and thoughtful


Hank Thunderman-Father

Barb Thunderman-Mother

Chloe Thunderman-baby sister

Phoebe Thunderman-older sister, Shogun Black (II)

Max Thunderman-Phoebe's twin broth, Galaxy Squad Gold

Billy Thunderman-older brother, Galaxy Squad Black

Corinth Summers-Crush on her end, GSA Yellow-> Galaxy Squad Green

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Vision: Nora can shoot fire beams of heat from her eyes, she can also control the intensity of them. Her lasers can be reflected by objects making it possible for her to hit more than one target at once and allows her to do her "trick shots" (mentioned and demonstrated in Patch Me If You Can). Besides it was shown that Nora is able to free herself easily when frozen by Phoebe or Max by melting the ice with her power. Ava told her Eustus needed time to come out of Cryogenic Suspension
    • Explosion Inducement: In Going Wonkers, Nora made Hank's 3D puzzle explode when she applied enough heat to it.
    • Hyper Contact Paralyzation: Nora has the ability to paralyze other living beings for as long as she can maintain eye contact with them. When using this ability, her eyes will turn green. However some can destroy the seal. This is exclusive to Galaxy Squad as her Sentai counterpart used it.
  • True Sight: As a Superhero she has the power to see and hear ghosts (Haunted Thundermans)
  • Silent Sonic Screaming: In The Amazing Rat Race, when she saw the rat, she opened her mouth like she was screaming but made no sound, however, it broke glass.


Danger pink

Danger Pink

  • JAKQ Deck (from Tycho)

Appearance: Ally 36+37, Sisterhood

Galaxy Squad Silver

Kyu Silver


  • All-Star Crash: performs a powerful blast attack with the Galaxy Morpher with other rangers.
    • Forever 21 in One: An upgraded version of the finisher with the Hexagon, Phantom, and Legendary Rangers
    • Thunderhood Strike: An alternate version of the finisher with just her siblings
      • Tuned to Danger Impact: An alternate version of the above with Henry Hart and her siblings
  • Ophiuchus Impact: performs a slash attack with the Sickle.

Appearances: Space 1-8, 12-14, 16-20, 21-26, 33-35, Revelation, Hexagon 21+22, Sisterhood, LM 37

Shogun Silver

  • Dark Stone
  • Black Hole Stone
  • Galaxy Morpher
  • Thunder Sickle
  • Metallic Big Burst-performs a powerful blast attack with the Galaxy Morpher via the Dark Stone.
  • Dark Ophiuchus Impact: performs a powerful slash attack with the Thunder Sickle via the Dark Stone.

Appearances: 27, 28, 32, 35, Revelation, Hexagon 22

Appearances (Power Rangers)


Power Rangers Danger Thunder

Space 1-The Day the Earth Fell

Space 2-Legacy of Thunder

Space 3-The Real Danger

Space 4-Eyes Like Venom

Space 5-The Secrets of the Denshi

Space 6-Back to What was

Cousins of Darkness

Space 9-The Sound of Trampling Warriors

Legacy of the Crown

Space 12-Fourteen Ultimate All-stars

Space 13-The Stone to Rule Them All

Space 14-Tick-Tock

Space 15-Fall of the Bounty Hunter

Space 16-Siblings at odds

Space 17-Orion, the Christmas Ranger

Space 18-Power Rangers Sun and Moon

16 of Prophecy

Space 21-A Soldier Rises from the Ashes

Follow me up to Loch

Space 24-Life of the Outlaw

Queer and Thunder

Space 27-Secret of an Icon

Space 28-Tycho's Tail Spin

Space 29-When We Were Young (archive footage)

Fall of the Metallic Assassin

Struck in Time

Power Rangers: Revelation

And Back to the Thunder

Sixteen and Seven, Forever 21


  • Naga Ray, her Sentai Counterpart, is 10 years and a day older than her, born July 4th (Earth 1995)
  • First female silver ranger since Gemma from RPM
    • Also, past female silver rangers have occurred in different times than the year of their release
      • SPD takes place in 2025 and Nova is from 2040
      • RPM takes place in a distopian future where technology has turned against mankind
  • She is the youngest ranger on the team
    • If her debut occurred immediately after the finale, she would have only been a year older than Justin Stewart, who was 12 when he was a ranger
    • Elizabeth is technically the youngest character, being created in 2009/2010

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