Nina Hernadez
Black Penguin Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Jungle Pack
Colors: Black
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Black Penguin Ranger


Nina works with the penguins at the zoo. She's a good guide and is the sixth member of the Jungle Pack team. Nina knows much about penguins then anyone the team has ever known. She controls the power of mist and sound waves. Her animal guardian is the penguin.

Waddle On

The five rangers went to the zoo to visit Polo and the polar bears. He says that his daughter's show is about to start. Exos sends Talke-Talke down there to control the birds and turn them into Creatures. As Nina's show begins Talke-Talke shows up and turns all but one penguin into Creatures. The five and Polo tryed to defeat him but it had no effect. Talke-Talke tryed to attack Nina but when she screamed a sonic wave blew him back. Talke-Talke send his warriors after the rangers and Polo while he was about to attack Nina. Marcus jumped in and protected her. Then the penguin showed her that she was her animal guardian. She proved herself and she was given a Jungle Pack Morpher. Nina powered up and became the Black Penguin Ranger. She used her sound waves and mist powers to defeat Talke-Talke until he grew into a giant. The team assembled their zord but it wasn't strong enough. Nina called the Black Penguin Zord and defeated him. Nina then decided to join the team and become an offical power ranger.


  • Jungle Pack Morpher
  • Penguin Staff

Animal Guardian/Zord

  • Cunning Penguin Zord