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This article is about a/an city in Power Rangers Cyber V.
New York City is a global metropolis on the East Coast of the United States of America.


New York City is first known as the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 1998, Astronema targeted New York briefly in order to capture the Turtles and turn them into her minions, as part of a larger attempt to steal the Astro Megazord. After the attempt failed, the Space Rangers returned the Turtles home.

In 2125, it had taken on new prominence. Now the United Nations also served as the headquarters for Meredith Winters, President of the United States. It shortly afterwards became a battleground as the Cyber V Rangers, Doggie Cruger, and the Venturas Twins fought to protect Winters from Kalask's forces. It later became the scene of the final battle between the Cyber V Rangers and Alphabet Soup, culimating in the debut of Meredith Winters' new identity, Venja, and her absorption into Kalask's army.

In 2125, it also served as a hub of the entertainment industry, although the only known show recorded there remained the Late Show, now hosted by Jindrax and Toxica.