Gender Female
Villain Type Princess
Series Power Rangers: Star Force
Neckra is one of Empress Quita and Lord Veckrann's daughters, the sister of Crestacia.

Character History

Not much is known about Neckra's early life. When the family was freed from Ellikacha's seal, Neckra's first action was to whine about having to conquer Earth, reincarnate her father and rule the galaxy. She also whined at the prospect of having to fight the Rangers, though she did well against the Pink Ranger.

The sisters bickered over who would get to kill a Ranger first, both wanting the Pink one, until Gevlant and Quita broke it up.

Later, Neckra went to Earth alone and began torturing civilians, drawing the Rangers out and defeating all but Shane, who arrived late. Insisting that her royal blood meant the Rangers couldn't defeat her, she continued to fight, and almost stabbed Emilia before the intervention of Zechariah in energy form.

Returning to the Dark Graveyard, Neckra got scolded by her mother for gloating when she could have killed the Rangers before Shane's arrival. Neckra apologized, and for that was punished by having to wash every grave in the yard. She left, Neckra screaming that she hated her mother, and Gevlant stepped in, soothing her. He offered her a place in his own rebellion, and brushed aside her doubts by pointing out her mother was Mayishan, so she wouldn't be turning against her own kind.

Gevlant first used this new alliance to push Neckra into reviving an old friend of his, Drefel, even though his ability to destroy energy could slow down their ability to revive her father.


Neckra is extremely self-centered, whiny and arrogant.

Talents and Abilities

Neckra appears to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but she also wields a knife and can teleport.


Neckra looks exactly like her sister, but with brown hair.