Nött is the world in which Power Rangers: Oneiro takes place.


Nött is a planet about the size of Jupiter's Ganymede, containing only two countries: Normlock and Gothnia. Its odd day and night cycle causes the plants to grow either oddly or not at all, requiring more nutrition in the soil. The nutritious soil is in Gothnia and the useless soil is in Normlock, causing Gothina to become suitable farmland and Normlock an industrial powerhouse. Its days are divided into four sections: Morning night: 4am to 12pm; Daylight: 12pm to 4pm; Night: 4pm to 12am; Midnight (aka "dead of night" or darktime): 12am to 4am.


Not much is known, but the Oneiro Rangers were numerous until just recently. Some time ago, they were plagued by a Nightmare Virus, which caused insanity in several Oneiro Rangers, but it was put under control. Normlock and Gothnia are currently at war.