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This article is about a/an Sentai counterpart in Power Rangers Cyber V.
Multiverse Sentai CyberV
Number: 1
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers Cyber V
Original airing: ?
Author: ?
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Multiverse Sentai CyberV is the series off of which Power Rangers: Cyber V is "based. There are relatively few differences between this series and its eventual adaption. It is a sequel series to Dekaranger (and a spiritual successor to Gokaiger). The series ran for 50 episodes, plus 4 films that were released both during and after the series concluded.



Cyber V


Designation Name
DekaMaster Anubian Chief Doggie Kruger
DekaSwan Cignian Swan Shiratori




Differences and Similarites Between Adaptations
Power Rangers: Cyber V Multiverse Sentai CyberV
The Venturas twins were advanced Venjix Hybrids, born with superhuman abilities and intellects. The Venturas twins (American, although the rest of the cast were Japanese) were infected with experimental nanotechnology that granted them several abilities and superhuman intellects.
A corrupt scientific think-tank known as Alphabet Soup held the Twins as unknown test subjects for most of their lives, and fought the team on several occasions. A corrupt government conspiracy acted as secondary foes to the team.
Alpha 5 from Mighty Morphin' was brought back as a sometime-ally. The Buddyloids from Go-Busters were brought back as sometime-allies.
All finishers for the series were accompanied by the weapons or mecha computers saying "SYSTEM CRASH!"
The series included the crossover event "Reality Quake." The series included a crossover with Kamen Rider Arcade.
SPD veterans Anubis Cruger and Kat Manx became allies of the team. Dekaranger veterans Kruger and Swan returned as allies of the team, with the actors reprising their roles.
Sentai Counterparts
Asutekku Arashi ShukkegerFo-Ru Sunadokei KokugengerKagami Sentai KaisengerKaku Sentai GenshirangerKemono Sentai ShinwarangerKyōryū Kyojin Kuro-ngerMultiverse Sentai CyberVReiki Sentai YajūrangerRosuto Ninpū TankyūgerSentai Kaibutsu RaikōgerSuta-Butai WakuseigerTenma Sentai YokaigerTsutegoto Rikugun Jinketsuger