Mirinoi is a jungle planet and the landing place of the Terra Venture space colony.


Mirinoi's appearance from space is green and clouded, and its surface covered in tropical jungles.  It has at least one moon.  The primary inhabitants are the Mirinoites, near-humans with the ability to communicate with animals.


Mirinoi is home to the Quasar Sabers, which were wielded by five warriors 3,000 years ago.  AFter their victory, they set the Quasar Sabers in a stone, to wait for their next wielders.  The Mirinoites kept the legend alive, and warriors came from across the universe to try and free the sabers, but none did until Scorpius's general Furio invaded the planet.  To fight the new Lost Galaxy Rangers, Furio turned the entire planet into stone, though the Rangers themselves escaped.

Approximately one year later, the Galaxy Rangers returned, crash-landing the space colony Terra Venture.  Because the planet's plant life had regrown, they didn't recognize the planet until they found the still-petrified inhabitants.  When they replaced the Quasar Sabers in the stone, all of the people were restored to life (including Pink Ranger Kendrix, for unknown reasons). The colonists and Mirinoites coexisted peacefully afterward.

Significant Residents

  • Maya, Yellow Galaxy Ranger
  • Yora, Carnelian Rumor Ranger