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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Omega
Number 02
Number of episodes: 30
First episode: Omega Now
Last episode: Omega To the End
Intro: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Omega/Theme Song
Adapted from: Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)
Original airing: Mid Spring 2021
Author: Starlina
Production Order

Omega Now Omega Forever!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Omega is based on Boom Comics' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the sequel to Power Rangers OmegaForce.


Hailing from Omega City The Omega Rangers are integrated with the army Power Rangers under the recommendation of Dr. Tommy Oliver. The Omega Rangers face a new challenge by a descendant of Scorpina.

Mighty Morphin Omega Rangers
Name Ranger Designation Element
Joash Omega Red Ranger Fire
Bayu Omega Black Ranger Air
Avani > Andina Omega Yellow Ranger Earth
Amaya > Marinine Omega Blue Ranger Water


Morphing Device

  • Omega Morpher

Individual Weapons & Team Blaster

Omega Weapons

  • Omega Katanas
  • Omega Hammer
  • Omega Kamas
  • Omega Trident


Episode List - Season 1

  1. Omega Now - The Omega Rangers are acquainted by their fellow Ranger friends
  2. Omega Now - The Rangers confront the Alliance's Scorpina's own daughter Scorpiza
  3. Uprising as a Team - the foursome Rangers find themselves uncertain if they fit in with the other Rangers who they succeeded or been proceeded.
  4. Mission from Within - Avani recalls her family's turbulent times in South Africa and inspires the Rangers to take a lesson from that experience.
  5. A True Blue Warrior - Amaya's father pays her a visit and wants her to takeover the Dojo Teacher role.
  6. Battle of the Dark Dog - The Rangers goes up against Dayne the arch-nemesis of the SPD Shadow Ranger Anibus "Doggie" Cruger.
  7. Stance Against Time - Nadira, the daughter of Ransik and ally to the Time Force Rangers asks the Omega Rangers for assistance.
  8. #Danger - The Rangers are Blackmailed by a young girl trapped by Rita and Zedd's daughter Zeddita
  9. #Danger - Lila's life is draining fast and the Rangers must work fast to save her.
  10. A True Blue's Sensitivity - Amaya meets Kayden the Blue Dino UltraCharge Ranger for the first time.
  11. Warrior of Yellow - Avani meets Gia the MegaForce Yellow Ranger.
  12. The Transition of Power - Amaya and Avani are selected for the Peace Corps and the Blue Emissary must select 2 new Rangers to take over.
  13. The Transition of Power - As the battle intensifies the Rangers scramble to stop the enemies from attack the city while the Emissary 3 has found worthy new Rangers to take over Avani and Amaya's spots retrospectively.
  14. Silence is not as Gold - Goldar's back and with mad hungry vengeance
  15. A Way of Water - Marinine's instincts comes in Handy when the Rangers face off against the Blood-water Beast
  16. Optimistic Omega - The Rangers gained new weapons and Blasters
  17. A Place from Home - Marinine has a hard time fitting in with the Rangers and on Earth but her native instincts comes in full gear as she battles an evil Sea Monster.
  18. UpSpring Evil - The effects of the Shattered Grid has cause corruption and the Rangers are fearing the worse.
  19. UpSpring Evil -
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