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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (revisited team)
Mighty Morphin
Led by: Jason Lee Scott
and later by: Tommy Oliver
Mentor: Zordon
Base of Operations: Command Center
Location: Angel Grove
Battled: Evil Space Aliens
Co-existed with: Aquitar Rangers
Battled: Green Ranger, Mutant Rangers, Primator, Dark Rangers, Blue Ranger Clone
Member teamed with: Space Rangers, Veteran Red Rangers, Overdrive Rangers
Production Order
Zeo Rangers
Chronological Order
Zeo Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, also known as the Power Rangers are "children/teenagers with attitude" that Zordon recruited to battle Rita Repulsa (and, later, Lord Zedd and Master Vile) using the power that they wield with their Power Morphers and Power Coins. They developed a strong sense of unity.


Color Role Actor
White Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott and Rocky DeSantos Austin St. John and Steve Cardenas
Black Ranger Zack Taylor and Adam Park Walter Jones and Johnny Yong Bosch
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston David Yost
Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan and Aisha Campbell Thuy Trang and Karan Ashley
Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart and Katherine Hillard Amy Jo Johnson and Catherine Sutherland
Teal Ranger Theodore "Ted" Swanson Richard Horvitz
Gold Ranger Alpha 5 Richard Horvitz
Green Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Cobalt Ranger Bulk Paul Schrier
Gray Ranger Skull Jason Narvy

Unlikely Heroes

After Alpha 5 successfully frees the then-regressed Power Rangers from their photograph prison, Zordon temporarily recruited Bulk and Skull to be Power Rangers using two of the four extra Power Coins—the Brontosaurus Power Coin and the Cephalodon Power Coin. After they successfully defeat the monster, Alpha 5 swears the two former bullies to secrecy about their powers, officially welcoming them as auxiliary Rangers.Small But Mighty

Team History

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

When Rita Repulsa and her minions were freed from their imprisonment on the moon, Zordon took action to prevent her from taking over the Earth unchallenged. Instructing Alpha 5 to recruit "five kids with attitude," he chose Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, and Zack to receive the five Power Coins in his possession and become Power Rangers. These five pint-sized rangers thwarted many of Rita's plots, but nearly met defeat when Rita used a sixth Power Coin to transform Tommy into her own evil Green Ranger when they grew up into teenagers. Tommy succeeded in cutting off communications with Zordon and trapping the Rangers' Zords before unleashing his own Dragonzord. However, Alpha was able to restore the Command Center's link with Zordon, who helped bring the Zords back, allowing the Rangers to defeat Dragonzord. Once Jason destroyed Tommy's Sword of Darkness, Tommy was freed from Rita's control, and immediately became a new member of the team.

Rita soon set out to take revenge on her former minion, using the Green Candle in an attempt to drain away Tommy's powers. The Rangers managed to stop her by having Tommy give his Power Coin to Jason, preventing Rita from draining way his powers. However, Tommy later reassumed the green powers after Rita managed to steal the ohter five Power Coins. As a result, his powers remained weak for some time, which would make him a target when Lord Zedd usurped control of Rita's forces. Eventually Tommy lost the Green Ranger powers, while the other Rangers upgraded their Dino Zords into the Thunder Zords. The continual threat of Lord Zedd, however, prompted Zordon and Alpha to create a new set of White Ranger powers, which were conferred upon Tommy due to his faithfulness in serving as the Green Ranger. He also became leader of the team, replacing Jason, who along with Zack and Trini later copied powers on to additional Rangers. This process would be accomplished using the Sword of Light, thus conferring Red, Black, and Yellow Ranger powers upon Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell.

Eventually, all the Rangers would lose their powers after Rito Revolto arrived and helped Zedd and Rita—the pair having married some time previously in a sham wedding—destroy the Thunder Zords. As such, they were forced to seek out Ninjor, the creator of the Power Coins, in the Desert of Despair. Eventually, they convinced Ninjor of their sincerity, and he granted them new Ninja powers to replace their old ones. The Rangers were thus able to continue their battles against Rita and Zedd's forces for some time, even after Rita's father Master Vile arrived to bolster their forces. However, as a result of Vile's nearly-accomplished tampering with time, the Power Coins were set aside, leaving the Rangers without their Ninja powers. They were thus forced to utilize the Zeo Crystal to obtain new powers, becoming the Zeo Rangers. However, as there were only fifteen pieces of the crystals obtained altogether, only fifteen rangers could be empowered by them. Tanya Sloan became a Ranger too, while Billy stepped down to serve in a support role but later gained the Gold Ranger powers from Lord Trey of Triforia.


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  • Dinozords
  • Thunderzords
    • Tor
  • Ninjazords
  • Shogunzords

Members (Mighty Morphin)

Legendary Ranger Keys

Super Megaforce/Mighty Morphin Legendary Ranger Mode

Red Ranger Troy Burrows
Black Ranger Jake Holling
Blue Ranger Noah Carver
Yellow Ranger Gia Moran (skirted version)
Pink Ranger Emma Goodall
Green Ranger / White Ranger
Teal Ranger John "Jack" Burley
Gold Ranger Tensou


  • There are a total of ten rangers (by color).
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