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"Omega Now Omega Forever!"

- Team Battle Cry

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Omega is based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Boom Comics' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and serves as the direct sequel to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Extreme.


The 3 Original Extreme Power Rangers Jason, Zack and Trini had just passed their powers to their successors and went to the Peace Conference in Switzerland. After the Conference concluded The Blue Emissary appears and recruited them along with Kiya, their new friend to form the modern-day Omega Rangers. Together the Omega Rangers operating in the most dangerous & remote areas of space confront a sadistic Dictator of the Kedry also an associate to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd the King and Queen of Evil. The Rangers encounter an evil intergalactic force in a form of a massive army known the Anointed. The Rangers would eventually bid Kiya farewell as she embarks on a new journey to help the extraterrestrial survivors of the Anointed's rage attacks to start over, but she comes prepared; Kiya chose Katalina, a Lyran puma who is a Royal Princess to replace her as the new Blue Ranger on the team after completing the Omega Key Puzzle unlocking a new element power Quintessence and new friend Rayla puts her life on the line to protect the newly discovered Pink Gem out evil hands after fending off the putties the Pink Gem's energy flows around Rayla granting her access to the powers forming the new Pink Omega Morpher thus allowing Rayla to take the mantle as the new Pink Ranger.

The Rangers

Omega Rangers

Main Article: Omega Rangers (Earth-3-3X)

Name Designation Element
Jason Scott Omega Red Ranger Fire
Zachary "Zack" Taylor Omega Black Ranger Air
Trini Kwan Omega Yellow Ranger Earth
Kiya (MMPR Extreme) > Katalina Omega Blue Ranger Water
Rayla Howard Omega Pink Ranger Quintessence


  • Blue Emissary
  • Red Emissary
  • Yellow Emissary
  • Zordon
  • Alpha 5
  • Mighty Morphin Extreme Rangers


Morphin Device

  • Omega Morpher


  • Omega Power Coins
  • Wrist Communicators


  • Omega Shark Cycles

Individual Weapons & Team Blaster

  • Omega Katana
  • Omega Kamas
  • Omega Hammer
  • Omega Trident
  • Omega Bow

Omega Zord System

Omega Titan MegaZord

  • Red Omega Zord
  • Black Omega Zord
  • Yellow Omega Zord
  • Blue Omega Zord
  • Pink Omega Zord

Omega MegaZord

  • Omega Flamebird Zord (Red/Jason)
  • Omega Condor Zord (Black/Zack)
  • Omega Bengal Tiger Zord (Yellow/Trini)
  • Omega Dolphin Zord (Blue/Kiya>Katalina)
  • Omega Swan Zord (Pink/Rayla)

Episodes Seasons 1-3

Season 1

  1. Omega Now
  2. An Intergalactic Resistance
  3. An Intergalactic Resistance
  4. An Intergalactic Resistance
  5. An Intergalactic Resistance
  6. An Intergalactic Resistance
  7. A Battle Worth Fighting For
  8. The Masters of the Rangers
  9. Emissary's Sacrifice
  10. Emissary's Sacrifice
  11. The Aftermath and the Aftershock
  12. Necessary Evil
  13. Necessary Evil
  14. The After Necessary
  15. The Blue Wave of Healing
  16. Vengeance of the Vox
  17. Vengeance of the Vox
  18. Sox the Vox
  19. Drakkon's Vengeance
  20. Drakkon's Vengeance
  21. Love and Friendship is a Battlefield
  22. A Dangerous Force
  23. Chasing Waterfalls
  24. A Ranger's Will and Way
  25. A Ranger's Will and Way

Season 2

  1. Vox out of the Box
  2. Vox out of the Box
  3. Vox out of the Box
  4. Messages from a Loss Family
  5. Messages from a Loss Family
  6. Connecting the 4
  7. Connecting the 4
  8. The Zords of the Omega
  9. The Zords of the Omega
  10. The Zords of the Omega
  11. The Zords of the Omega
  12. Fox of the Vox
  13. Vengeance of the Omegas
  14. Arrival of the Anointed
  15. Arrival of the Anointed
  16. The Anointed Vox
  17. The Anointed Vox
  18. The Anointed Vox
  19. The Omega Key Quest
  20. The Omega Key Quest
  21. The Omega Key Quest
  22. The Omega Key Quest
  23. Secrets of the 4 Elements
  24. Opening the 5th Element
  25. The creature side of Omega
  26. Unity

Season 3

  1. The Edge of the Zords
  2. The Edge of the Zords
  3. The Edge of the Zords
  4. Behind the Helmets
  5. The Box of Vox
  6. A Cataclysmic Approach
  7. A Dangerous Alien Mind
  8. The Emissary Side of Pink
  9. The Emissary Side of Pink
  10. The Emissary Side of Pink
  11. A Mad Bad Jox
  12. The Unbalanced Grid
  13. Feral Shade of Blue
  14. Feral Shade of Blue
  15. Feral Shade of Blue
  16. Royals of the Solar System
  17. The Fight to the Vox
  18. The Last Confrontation