Mighty Morphin Aquitar Power Rangers - The Next Generation
Number 16
Number of episodes: 15
First episode: Rangers 2.0
Last episode: Cliff of the battles
Intro: Mighty Morphin Aquitar Power Rangers - The Next Generation/Theme Song
Adapted from: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
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Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
The New Alien Rangers
It's Morphin Time! - We Need Aquitar Ranger Power!
Production Order
Mighty Morphin Aquitar Power Rangers - The Next Generation is the 16th Installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation Universe. It's the sequel to Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers  a Power Rangers mini-series.


Ninjor and the original Aquitar Rangers passed the powers down to their children in an effort to keep the Universe protected and safe from evil.

The New Alien Rangers

Main Article: Alien Rangers TNG

Name  Ranger Designation
Aurocico Mighty Morphin Aquitar Red Ranger
Delphia Mighty Morphin Aquitar White Ranger
Cestrico Mighty Morphin Aquitar Blue Ranger
Tidenia Mighty Morphin Aquitar Yellow Ranger
Corocus Mighty Morphin Aquitar Black Ranger


Morphing Devices

  • Power Coins


  • Aquitian Saber
  • Aquitian Laser
  • Aquitian Fist

Individual Weapons

  • Aquitar Shield
  • Aquitar Dual Tong
  • Aquitar Staff
  • Aquitar Bow
  • Aquitar Claw Breaker


The Battle Borgs Zords

  • Red Battle Borg 
  • White Battle Borg 
  • Blue Battle Borg 
  • Yellow Battle Borg 
  • Black Battle Borg 


Shogun MegaFalconzord

Shogun Megazord

  • Red Shogunzord 
  • Blue Shogunzord 
  • Black Shogunzord 
  • Yellow Shogunzord 
  • White Shogunzord 
  • Falconzord 


  • The suit actors of were instructed by Saban Brands and Toei on characteristics on the New Alien Rangers.
  • The White Ranger suit actress was given leadership characteristics. Red Ranger suit actor was given commander position. Black Ranger suit actor was given fearless agile persona.
  • The Yellow Ranger suit actor was given tomboy strong fighter. Blue Ranger suit actor is the given the brains.
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