Maya Foxman
Red Kitsune Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Yokai
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mysterious Tattoos, Part 1
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Number of Episode
Red Kitsune Ranger

"Yokai of Illusionment, Red Kitsune!"

Maya Foxman is the Red Yokai Ranger, the reincarnation of the Kitsune Mizumi.

Character History

Maya Foxman was studying in the Little Tokyo Library for her midterms.  She was rather stressed, but as Daizo's red energy orb transformed into 愛 (the kanji for love) and attached to her, making her suddenly feel much better.  Of course, she was confused when she noticed the new tattoo on her neck, and even more so when she was teleported to an abandoned warehouse.  She didn't let her surprise get in the way of stopping her two future teammates, Wolf Baren and Stanford Spyder, from fighting.

When Karakasa and his Inanimates appeared, Maya was the first to step forward to fight, and she directed her new team.  As Karakasa disarmed Daizo, Maya attacked the umbrella creature, only to injure her hand punching him.  Daizo teleported the group away and healed Maya's injured hand, then sent them back prepared for a real fight.  Maya morphed and led her teammates to victory, accepting her position as Red without the blink of an eye.


Maya is intelligent and courageous, if a bit impulsive.  She finds the antics of Wolf and Stanford irritating.


  • Kitsune Fan


Maya is a Latina brunette with brown eyes.